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DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter

By Drive Medical
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  • 5 Liters
  • made in USA
  • low maintenance
  • built-in oxygen sensor
  • lockable flow meter
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Compact 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor, 3 Year Warranty - SHIPS FREE!




Devilbiss Ultra Quiet 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor, 3 Year Warranty - SHIPS FREE!




Compact 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor, 3 Year Warranty - Alt - SHIPS FREE!



Compact 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor, 3 Year Warranty - Each
SKU: 525DS


Devilbiss Ultra Quiet 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor, 3 Year Warranty - Each
SKU: 525DS-Q


Compact 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor, 3 Year Warranty - Alt - Each


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DeVilbiss 5 Liter Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor (product ID #525DS)

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DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator is the smallest size home oxygen concentrator on the market. That makes the DeVilbiss Concentrator easier to transfer from room to room. The small size of this concentrator makes it less obtrusive in the home and produces an oxygen output of 5 liters per minute (LPM). Containing a recessed humidifier nook, this home oxygen concentrator is equipped with a two-piece cabinet for ease of maintenance. The DeVilbiss Home Oxygen Concentrator is feature rich and comes at a low price, making it our best selling home oxygen machine. In fact, the DeVilbiss 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator ranked first in a Comparison of Top Home Oxygen Concentrators. DeVilbiss Oxygen 5 Liter Concentrator comes with a 3 year warranty. This at-home concentrator is ideal for patients who lead an active lifestyle.

5 Liter Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor Components

  • 5 Liter Concentrator
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Three Year Warranty

DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator Features

DeVilbiss 5 Liter Unit

DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator Features & Benefits

  • Robust design for improved durability.
  • Exclusive DeVilbiss OSD® (Oxygen Sensing Device) standard on every unit — increases accuracy and reliability for longer service intervals.
  • Exceptional compressor durability.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Intake filter features a translucent back to allow technician to quickly determine if the filter is dirty.
  • Readily accessible patient controls and protected cannula fitting.
  • Low maintenance requirements - weekly cabinet filter cleaning.
  • Recessed humidifier nook prevents damage.
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble two-piece cabinet for ease of maintenance.
  • Lockable flow meter.
  • Low, pediatric flow meter available by special order (515LF-607). Call 877-418-9187.
  • Proven rotary valve design.
  • Convenient top and side handles for easy transport.
  • Accommodates up to a 50-foot cannula (15.3 meters).
  • Pressure-compensated flow meter to ensure accurate flow display.
  • Pressure-relief valve and thermal protection on the compressor.
  • Flame-retardant cabinet.
  • Double insulated unit; two-prong plug.
  • Alarm functions do not require a battery.
  • Lowest price 5 liter oxygen concentrator.
  • Ranked #1 in concentrator review and comparison. Top 10 Home Oxygen Concentrator Review
  • Top seller.

  • DeVilbiss Optional Low Output Flow Meter 515LF-607

DeVilbiss 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

DeVilbiss Concentrator Specifications

DeVilbiss Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor Specifications

  • DeVilbiss Concentrator Product Number: 525DS.
  • Weight: 37 Pounds.
  • Width: 14 Inches.
  • Height: 23 Inches.
  • Depth: 12 Inches.
  • Noise: 48 dBA.
  • Oxygen Output (max): 5 LPM.
  • Oxygen Outlet Pressure: 8.5 psig.
  • Oxygen Purity: 93 Percent +/- 3 Percent.
  • Power Consumption: 310W (270W @ 2.5 LPM or less).
  • Manufacturer: Drive Medical.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • HCPCS Code: E1390.

Oxygen Concentrator Additional Resources

Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist Seal

525DS DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator

DeVilbiss 525DS Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator Resources

Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist - Questions about the DeVilbiss 5 Liter Concentrator or any of the other oxygen concentrators can be answered by telephone with one of our Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist. These trained specialists are re-evaluated every six months to ensure they are on top of the latest technology and the newest oxygen therapy delivery devices. These certified specialist can help you with questions about pulse flow oxygen, continuous flow oxygen, oxygen concentration levels, high altitude operation, oxygen therapy while traveling, as well as questions about specific concentrator specifications. Call toll free to 877-418-9187 to reach one of our Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist.

Rental Program - If you would like to "kick the tires" by trying out a particular concentrator before actually purchasing it, try our rental program. Vitality Medical rents by the week with no limitation on the number of weeks. Try before you buy and take all the time you need to test, try and learn how to use one of the leading edge portable oxygen concentrators on the market. Often oxygen patients want to take a portable oxygen concentrator with them while traveling since home oxygen concentrators are too bulky and do not work with many foreign power grids. Vitality Medical has several lightweight portables approved by the FAA for airline travel that can be operated 24/7 while on your vacation. Call today for details at 877-418-9187.

Vitality Medical Buy Back Program - Not 100% satisfied with the concentrator you purchased? Let us make it right! Vitality Medical will buy your concentrator back and help you determine a better fit.

Oxygen Concentrator Loaner Program - Should your concentrator need to be repaired, Vitality Medical provides a concentrator on-loan for you to use while your concentrator is repaired. Whether your concentrator is under warranty or not, our customers have access to the Vitality Medical Loaner Program.

Easy Warranty Processing - Should your oxygen concentrator require repair while it is under warranty, just give us a call on our toll free line to set up your warranty repair at 877-418-9187. Remember, Vitality Medical offers a free loaner while your concentrator is being repaired. Warranty processing is only for concentrators purchased from Vitality Medical.

Oxygen Concentrator Rankings and Comparison Charts - If you would like to see a list of the top ranking oxygen concentrator choices along with detailed reviews, concentrator rankings and side-by-side comparisons, visit the links to our oxygen comparison studies below for detailed information.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Drive Medical
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Community Q&A

Product Questions

Do The Expelled gases from this machine concentrate within the home and cause breathing problems for others within the home? We have a Nuvo Light Mark V currently, since the machine has been in the home everyone has been experiencing headaches and tiredness.
What is the cost to electric bill with continuous use @ 3 liters.
Required maintenance ?
Can more than one person use this and what other products would you need if they can? (not at the same time)
Is this unit had a built in humidifier?
what comes with this unit
Can I use it as an oxygen facial? Do you have a spa facial mask to buy separately ?
My husband needs a 6 lpm continuous flow at night with bipap - Have been told that the 5 liter DeVilbess can be set up to 6 liter. Is that true?
I am interested in purchasing but I noticed that the flow meter only goes to 2. My oxygen amount prescribed is 2.5. Is this a problem or does this generator go this high?
I see 300W but at what voltage? 110 AC?
I see 300W but at what voltage? 110 AC? o 220 AC?
Does the ins cover any of the expense on the buying the machine
What is the maximum altitude that the 525DS-Q can be used at?
What is the maximum altitude where the DeVilbiss 525DS. I need something that will function at 9,000 feet. If this model will not work, what models do you have that will work at 9,000.

Thank you
The advertisement I clicked on said price was $490.00, but this description says $599.00. So which is it?
Will this unit support a 50' tubing line?
Is there a difference in function between the DS525 and the DS525-Q? I notice that the Q model is priced slightly less in your ad.
Do I need a Medical prescription? How do I send the prescription to you?
When traveling for a weekend trip this unit does not fit in our trunk and we have to put it in the back seat. Can the unit be laid flat or on its side to fit in trunk?
Do you have bundles with both stationary & travel units?
How is the unit powered?
Will this product work with the CPAP masks that selling on this website? thanks
WARNING: This product may contain chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product complies with all state and federal safety standards.

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Unserviceable appliance!
I bought a S25DS - 5 liter appliance that was noisy, hot, and unserviceable in my area. I was familiar with the maintenance service requirements because I had a rental for years before I purchased one. When I tried to get routine maintenance done locally, NO - ONE would touch it! I continued to use it nightly until it startled me one night by larming. Instead of helping me out, Drive sends me emails to purchase a new one. No, Thank you!
Great Purchase
I bought this machine to replace my expensive rental. My savings will kick in at the end of the fourth month of ownership. I am way ahead even if this is am unreliable machine and I have to buy a new one every year. It is much quieter than my rental which we had to keep in a room as far away as we could because of the noise. My wife is very happy We hope that it will give us several years of reliable service.
Excellent, yes, u can hear it, but urethras used to it, I would rather breathe , so the sound is totally acceptable to me...every concentrator make noise, it is converting air into oxygen....your company is great & the best prices......5 stars...
  • Everything
  • Nothing
These units work well and are pretty reliable. BUT if you have a mechanical problem it cant be repaired and serviced locally. Must be shipped to the manufacturer for service and diagnosis. Very costly and time consuming.
  • Runs well, and is reliable
  • Service
Isn't quiet, but I didn't expect it to be from the other reviews. I'm glad it's sitting on a carpeted floor. You can feel the whole thing vibrating like something is out of balance. Purchased one because it's cheaper than insurance copay (after already paying twice as much for copays on the rental). O2 concentration is higher than the one supplied by the rental company. We had it set on 3.0 litres and wife's blood O2 ran about 92%. This one is set on 2.5 and her blood O2 is now staying 96% or above. The rental was a different brand but made almost as much noise as this one. Noise isn't as much of an issue for us because I have bad tinnitus so the TV is on 24/7 for noise to help me ignore the tinnitus and for the light so we don't step on any of our several pets.
  • As expected
  • All brands seem to make that ticking noise
Pretty good but!
Price was good,O2 output good kinda noisy, didn't bother me but kept my wife awake, I am rather fond of my wife so the concentrator had to go.
  • noise level
good machine
good machine, exactly what I was looking for.
Good and bad
It produces oxygen as advertised. That is the good. But don't expect to keep the "Ultra-quiet" model in your bed room. It emits a tiny beep-beep and a tiny clunk-clunk. All. Night. Long. After reading the specs, I discovered that I paid an extra $50 for a TWO decibel reduction in noise level. What a chump I am. And I wear hearing aides so I can't imagine how much noise it really makes. And, yes, i called Devilbiss because I thought it was defective. Was told to learn to live with it in effect.
  • Oxygen
  • Noisy
Bad customer service - no response, noisy
I received and unpacked this item, only to find that:

1. In addition to the expected white noise hum of the motor, there's a noise every 4-5 seconds that sounds kind of like something hard is being hit with a pick. I asked, but have had no response to the question if this is normal. To sleep with it (the point in my case), I'll need to drown out that noise somehow.

2. The cabinet was not assembled properly and plastic parts that should be inside are outside. The directions say don't open the cabinet under any circumstances. Again, I've had no response or acknowledgement of my email on these matters, sent to two different (apparently correct) addresses 5 days ago.
  • it seems to deliver oxygen as advertised
  • noise, shabby construction
Quiet Not
Purchase process was flawless and unit arrived in 2 days. I asked phone rep if the unit was quiet and they assured me it was their quietest model.
It's not that quiet. I still here the thump of the pump and the constant drone of the machine running. My old rental unit was quieter.

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