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Complete Medical Supplies

Complete Medical Supplies is business that both manufacturer and distributes materials used in hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices across the U.S. They specialize in manufacturing their own branded diagnostic products. Some of the diagnostic products they manufacture are: automatic blood pressure monitors, wrist monitors, and pulse oximeters.

They also specialize in the manufacture of fashionable compression stockings as well as foam cushions, foam slants and rollers for exercise equipment.

Complete Medical Supplies, Inc was founded by Barry and Barbara Klein in 1988. Barry realized that the medical industry was in need of a wholesaler that offered personal attention and inventoried popular and hard-to-find products. In 1988, Barry and Barbara Klein opened Complete Medical Supplies.

In 1994, Barry Klein unexpectedly passed away. His son, Seth Klein, joined Barbara and the staff of Complete Medical in continuing his fathers vision. Barbara and Seth Klein continued on Barry's legacy by providing the personal service that shaped the foundation of Complete Medical Supplies. In 2000, Barbara retired and Seth's wife, Danielle, joined the company.

Presently, the company features 14,000 products, 500 vendors, 8,000 customers, a 80,000 square ft distribution facility, 30 sales people and over 70 employees. We continue to embrace Barry Klein's founding vision of the "wholesaler that cares and understands its customers".

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