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Molnlycke Healthcare | Mepiform - Mepitel - Mepilex - Mepore - Lyofoam - Tubigrip - Mepitac - Wound Dressings


Molnlycke is a top manufacturer of Wound Care products, including Molnlycke Transparent Dressings, Molnlycke Absorbant Dressings, Molnlycke Tubular Dressings, Molnlycke Foam Dressings, Molnlycke Hydrocolloid Dressings, Molnlycke Silver Dressings, Molnlycke Odor Control Dressings, Molnlycke Cloth Tape, Molnlycke Hypoallergenic Tape, Molnlycke Silicone Gel Sheeting, Molnlycke Surgical Masks and Molnlycke Protective Wear. Vitality Medical carries the top Molnlycke wound care brands. These brands include Molnlycke's Mepiform, Mepitel, Mepilex, Mefix, Mepitac, Mepore, LyoFoam, Tubigrip, and Tubifast. These wound care products manufactured by Molnlycke are specially designed to be gentle and effective in treating several different types of wounds. Consult with a qualified medical caregiver before deciding which Molnlycke Dressing is right for you.

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Featured Molnlycke Products



Secures gauze, tubes, cannulas, dressings and drainage devices, even to awkward areas of the body. Porous and nonabsorbing fabric minimizes fluid strike-through. Air and moist Learn More
Tubigrip Elastic Tubular Bandage Multi-Purpose


Elasticated Tubular Bandage. 100% Cotton. Covered Elastic Threads Are Laid Into The Material To Form A Continuous Spiral. No Pins Or Tape Needed. Washable. Learn More
Mesalt Sodium Chloride Impregnated Dressing


Pure crystalline sodium chloride impregnated dressing creates an environment that safely cleanses deep, draining and infected wounds. Absorbs debris and bacteria from wounds, Learn More
Alldress Absorbent Film Dressing


For chronic/open wounds. Multi-layered sterile dressing has a low-adherent contact layer, a wicking and absorptive layer and self-adhesive porous fabric tape. The semi-occlusi Learn More

Other Top Selling Molnlycke Products

Mepore Dressing


Mepore Dressing 3.5 X 4 Inch Learn More
Tubigrip Tubular Shaped Lymphedema Support Bandage


Tubigrip Shaped Support Bandage TSSB is constructed from cotton, polyamide and elastodiene to provide an anatomically-shaped Tubigrip that provides support to the limbs. Learn More
Tubifast Tubular Rentention Dressing


Lightweight, tubular bandage ideal for dressing retention and skin covering for any part of the body. Holds dressings securely, without constriction or compression. Light elas Learn More
Hibiclens Antibacterial Skin Cleanser


Hibiclens is a medical antiseptic skin cleanser from Molnlycke useful as a surgical hand scrub, personal handwash, skin wound cleanser, and as a patient pre-operative skin preparation. Learn More
Tubigrip Arthropad Padded Support Tubular Elastic Bandage

Tubigrip Arthropad Padded Support Tubular Elastic Bandage is manufactured by Molnlycke to be used as a support bandage for the forearm, calf, elbow or knee. The Tubigrip Arthropad is made from a double layer of natural-colored elastic Tubigrip with a foam interlining. Learn More
Mepore Transparent Film Dressing


Molnlycke Health Care MEFILM Adhesive Polyurethane Film is a flexible, transparent, breathable film dressing made of polyurethane. MEPORE film dressing adheres well and is ver Learn More
Barrier Protective Goggles


Can be worn comfortably over eyeglasses. Wraparound seal and built-in nose piece guard against splashes from all angles. Learn More
NORMLGEL 0.9% Isotonic Saline Gel


Protects newly formed tissue; maintains a clean, moist, insulated environment allowing the wound to continue its natural healing process. Learn More
Barrier Protective Glasses


Lightweight and comfortable. Designed to give maximum peripheral vision without distortion. Featured solid side shields. Learn More
Molnlycke SOFLOOP Face Mask


Convenient earloop design with greater than 95% filtration efficacy. Learn More
Setopress High Compression Bandage


Provides The Correct Level Of Graduated Compression, 30-40 Mmhg, For The Effective Treatment Of Venous Leg Ulcers. Visual Application Guide Clearly Indicates Correct Positioni Learn More
Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape


Molnlycke Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape is a highly conformable, easily applicable, and easily removable medical tape. Mepitac tape uses Molnlycke's Safetac technology which Learn More
Annie Style Nurse Cap by Molnlycke


These Bouffant Caps are available in green and blue. They are Nurse Caps made of a light, elastic material. Manufactured by Molnlycke, they are available in medium and large sizes. Learn More