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Medline was founded in 1966 and specializes in medical supplies for hospitals and homecare. Medline focuses on medical products used for Personal Care and Patient Care. As a manufacturer of Bandages, Drainage Bags, Enema Bags, and Clothing Protection. Medline provides quality personal medical products. Vitality Medical also carries the Medline Knee Walker.
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Featured MedLine Products

MedLine Bibs Clothing Protector


These quality adult bibs from Medline are generously cut from soft, heavyweight terrycloth. Since they cover a large surface area, they offer extremely effective spill protect Learn More
Lemon Glycerine Swabsticks


Tangy citrus flavor stimulates taste buds. Glycerin stimulates salivary glands. Effective for patients with parched lips, patients on oxygen or fluid restrictions and as part Learn More
Moleskin Adhesive Strip


Heavy cotton fabric, woven and then sheared to create a short soft pile on one side and adhesive strip on the other. Used to prevent and protect blisters, corn, calluses and c Learn More
24 Hour Urine Specimen Collection Bottle 3000 ML


24-hour urine collection bottle, 3000 ml. Features include: easy-grip, extra-wide handle. Amber color plastic bottle is graduated. Can be used with calculi strainer. Calculi s Learn More
Montgomery Straps


Montgomery straps with adhesives sides and loop holes for ties. Note ties are sold seperately. Most common tie used within the clinical setting is the "Twill Tape" shown bel Learn More
MedLine Disposable Bibs


Disposable Bibs offer protection against spills. Learn More

Other Top Selling MedLine Products

Betadine Povidone Iodine Swabstick and Pads


Manufactured by Medline, Betadine Povidone Iodine Swabsticks and Betadine Povidone Iodine Pads are used as a first-aid antiseptic and as preparation of the skin prior to performing surgical procedures. Learn More
Medline Leg Bag


Moisture Barrier Cream by Carrington – 3.5 oz


Carrington Moisture Barrier Cream provides relief and protection against urine and fecal matter while soothing and moisturizing skin. Learn More
Antifungal Barrier Cream by Carrington – 5 oz


Carrington Antifungal Barrier Cream provides relief from itching, burning, scaling, and discomfort from skin conditions, incontinence and feeding tubes. Learn More
Remedy Olivamine Foaming Body Cleanser 4 in 1


Remedy Olivamine Foaming Body Cleanser 4 in 1 is a no-rinse formulation designed to provide maximum patient comfort through out the 340 bottle pumps. Learn More

Silvasorb dressings are designed to harness the duel powers of hydrogel and silver in one effective dressing. Hydrogel maintains a proper moisture balance while silver eliminates bacteria and fungi buildup. MSC9301,MSC93025,MSC9310EP,MSC9316,MSC9322,MSC9340,MSC9344,MSC9348 Learn More
Benzalkonium Chloride Antimicrobial Spray


BZK, Benzalkonium Chloride antimicrobial spray are extremely easy to use to quickly clean hands. Commonly used in hospitals and professional environments. Learn More
Medline Weil Knee Walker - Alternative to Crutches


Medline Weil Knee Walker - Alternative to Crutches Learn More