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  1. Millennial Medical In-Motion Forearm Crutch
    Went from full size In-Motions to forearm.
    Having a rare skeletal disease means frequent major orthopedic surgeries. My most recent, in Nov, 2011, caused the pain disorder in my leg (caused initially by surgery done in 2004)
    (Review by Daapy)
  2. Millennial Medical In-Motion Forearm Crutch
    Good product that lives up to its billing..
    I thought it would include the folding feature. Product description misleading.
    (Review by MK)
  3. Millennial Medical In-Motion Forearm Crutch
    Love them!.
    They came promptly, love that. Very comfortable crutch and superior quality. Will definitely buy from here again.
    (Review by highimage)
  4. Millennial Medical In-Motion Forearm Crutch
    A very comfortable crutch.
    I really like these crutches, but (I know, buts are bad.....) there is an issue with regards to the height, I am apparently one of the few that is in
    (Review by KMC)

Forearm Crutch | Forearm Crutches - Canadian Crutches - Elbow Crutch & More!

Forearm Crutches


Forearm Crutches are Crutches used to help patients with a foot or leg injury regain mobility. A forearm crutch is shorter than a normal Walking Crutch and is not positioned under the arm pit. Instead, the Forearm Crutch has a cuff that goes around the forearm for stability and a hand grip for moving the forearm crutch in the direction of travel. The cuff on the forearm crutch is made of plastic or metal and is either a half-circle or nearly a full circle with a V-type opening that facilitates the forearm slipping into the cuff. The leg of the forearm crutch is often telescoping to accommodate the differing heights of patients. Forearm Crutches are available for purchase in the following options: Heavy Duty Forearm Crutch and Lightweight Forearm Crutch. The Forearm Crutch is sometimes referred to as a Canadian Crutch or Elbow Crutch. Many orthopedic surgeons prefer the Forearm Crutch over the traditional walking crutch because of its easy handling and smaller size. Using a crutch regularly helps the recovering patient exercise muscles and provide rehabilitation. Leading manufacturers of Forearm Crutches or Canadian Crutches include Drive Medical Forearm Crutches, Invacare Forearm Crutches, and Millennial Medical Forearm Crutches. Vitality Medical carries a large selection of crutches on sale. Order some new crutches today online and start moving!

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