Composite Dressings - Sterile Dry Dressing, Antimicrobial Dressing

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  1. Biobrane Biosynthetic Silicone Film Dressing
    Biobrane Biosynthetic Dressing great for healing burns.
    Biobrane is a bit pricey but is very effective for burn wound healing. It serves a temporary skin for burn wounds while providing collagen to promote healing.
    (Review by Willard)
  2. CovRSite Adhesive Wound Dressing Cover by Smith & Nephew
    Great product.
    The bandages are great, They are large and they stay on very well.
    (Review by Vancy)
  3. Aquacel Dressing Hydrofiber by Convatec
    Great product.
    Aquacel can be used in dry wounds to provide moisture and wet wounds to absorb moisture. It is very versatile. It can be cut-to -fit without difficulty. It is a
    (Review by RStaff)
  4. Mepore Dressing
    Great Product.
    I have to use gauze under the dressing, as my wound drainage is heavy. Love this dressing, but need to find something that is also waterproof.
    (Review by tinkerette)

Composite Dressings - Sterile Dry Dressing, Antimicrobial Dressing & More!

Composite Dressings


Composite Dressings are made of three layers. The layers of the composite dressings combine to form an antimicrobial barrier for moderate to heavy exuding wounds. Some composite dressings also gradually release silver over time to promote healing. Our selection of silver dressings include the popular Acticoat, Aquacel and Aquacel AG. Dry Dressings and Sterile Dressings for wound care including antimicrobial dressing, sterile dry dressing and silver alginate dressing. Discount prices on wound composite dressings and sterile gauze dressings you can buy online at!

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