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Carex Health Brands has provided medical products for in-home care and self-care for over 20 years. Carex is an innovator of medical supply products for home use for people recovering from surgery, people who have lost mobility or functionality and others who may need assistance with daily living. Serving a wide variety of medical needs, Carex continues to provide products that improves bathroom safety, increases mobility, enhances personal care, improves daily living and provides pain relief through hot/cold therapy. The product lines for Carex Health Brands is ever increasing to meet the changing needs and individual needs of at-home medical patients.

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Featured Carex Products

Plastic Urinal Durable Lightweight


Plastic Urinal Durable Lightweight is stain resistant and washable plastic urinals. Learn More
Cane Tips by Carex


Tips provide skid-resistant traction for cane tip replacement. Tips are made of 100% natural rubber and are metal reinforced. Learn More
Toilet Safety Frame by Carex


Bolts securely to the toilet to provide security and stability while getting on or off. 1"anodized aluminum tubing with skid-resistant rubber tips. Height adjusts from 26(3/4) Learn More
Elevated Toilet Seat with Undergrips


Raises toilet seat 5(1/2)". Molded polyethylene seat fits any type bowl and is easily cleaned. Contour seat provides a wider seating area that fits most standard and elongated Learn More
Toilet Seat Elevator Regular or Elongated by Carex


Assists those with bending or sitting difficulties. Adds 3 1/2in (8.9cm) to height of toilet seat. Fits standard toilets, lightweight durable polyethylene is easy to clean. Ea Learn More
Standard Crutch Tip Replacements


Standard crutch tips are designed to provide skid-resistant traction. The extra tread improves durability. These tips fit most crutches. Tip size (7/8)". Learn More
EZ Lock Raised Toilet Seat


Lightweight, durable, smooth plastic seat has built-in handgrips for easy handling. Easy-to-use locking mechanism secures seat to the toilet bowl to prevent slipping. Adds 5" Learn More
Reusable Plastic Bed Pans


Durable and reusable plastic bed pans for home or institutional use. Easily washes and stain resistant. Available in two sizes: fractured (angled and smaller) or contoured Learn More
Deluxe Composite Commode by Carex

Can be easily converted from a bedside commode and set atop a toilet bowl to create a toilet frame and raised toilet seat. Features a seat cover and removable back for versati Learn More
Universal Commode Pail with Side Handles and Cover


Universal Commode Pail with side handles and cover. Capacity: 12 quart Learn More
HomeStyle Bed Rails


HomeStyle Bed Rails are designed for use on standard home beds and can be easily raised and lowered with a push button adjustment. Learn More

Other Top Selling Carex Products

Walker Tips Gray 1(1/8) Inch by Carex


The gray tips are metal reinforced for skid-resistant traction. Tips are made of 100% natural rubber. Fits 1 1/8" dia (2.9 cm) walker and bath bench legs. Learn More
Carex Knee Pillow


The memory foam knee pillow by Carex is ergonomically designed to relieve pressure points and improve the spines alignment. This pillow will help to relieve back and hip pain associated with sleeping. P104-00 Learn More
Crutch Tips Long Life Extended Wear


Carex Crutch Tips are designed for long term use to provide skid-resistant traction. The long life base of the crutch tip provides an excellent grip of floor surfaces. Learn More
Tub Transfer Board by Carex


One-piece construction means easy cleaning and no corrosion. Adjustable width fits all standard tubs 19 - 28"W. Rubber stops protect tub and provide secure placement. Built-in Learn More
Metal Reacher


These reachers help users with weakened strength to grasp items from hard to reach places. They have magnetic tips to aid lifting small metal objects. Learn More
Ultra Grabber 26 Inch


These easy to use reachers help users grasp items from hard-to-reach places. A 90 degree rotating arm makes grasping objects easy from both above or below.

Learn More
Crutch Pads Xtra Thick by Carex


Rubbermaid Crutch Pads Xtra Thick Learn More
Folding Adult Walker with Glides by Carex


Folding Adult Walker with Glides by Carex, Adult Folding Walker with 5" wheels for smooth, easy movement. Rear glide has three points of contact for better stability and longer wear. Learn More
Wall Grab Bar by Carex


These grab bars provide assistance when bathing or using a commode. They are made of durable heavy duty steel tubing and attractively finished with a white powder coat. Profes Learn More
Carex Foam Seat Wheelchair Cushion


Carex memory foam cushions work nicely for anyone who could use ergonomic posture support. This cushion will fit any chair that is 16” or more in width, including a wheelchair. P102-00 Learn More
Solid Crutch Handgrips


These cushioned grips help provide comfort for persons using crutches. The grips are easily washable and perspiration resistant. These grips fit most crutches. Learn More
Universal Transfer Bench by Carex


Designed and developed thru extensive research and input from occupational therapists and healthcare professionals. Comfortable backrest and compact size combined with heavy w Learn More
Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion


Coccynx Memory Foam Cushions are a portable, self-molding, memory foam cushions that have a cut-out in the back to reduce pressure on the tailbone while sitting in a chair. P101-00 Learn More
Toilet Safety Frame


Toilet Safety Frame Learn More
Carex Folding Commode Deluxe


Deluxe Folding Commodes by Carex are a good choice for anyone who cannot use a traditional toilet. The deluxe is a sky-blue color, has an elongated seat and holds up to 300 lbs. B340-00 Learn More
Easy On Sock Aid


Easy On Sock Aid is for those who have mobility and dexterity difficulties. This sock aid device makes putting on socks extremely easy and convenient. Learn More
Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid


Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid is an easy to use reacher allows users to comfortably grasp items from hard to reach places when mobility, dexterity and strength are an issue. Features wrist support. Learn More
Shoe Horn Long Handled


Shoe Horn Long Handled for those who have mobility difficulties, this dressing stick features a push and pull hook to assist with getting in and out of clothes as well as pulling zippers and shoelaces. Learn More
Bed Buddies Footies Warming Slippers


Bed buddy reusable footies foot warmers have an aromatherapy pack with three different scents are designed to relieve pain with comforting heat therapy while improving moods with aromatherapy. BBF3110 Learn More
Carex Roller Walker with Seat


Carex Learn More
Walker Basket with Tray by Carex


Attaches to the walker with velcro, with a handy tray to prevent items from slipping through basket. Plastic tray insert includes cup holder. Learn More
Carex Memory Foam Half Roll Pillow


The memory foam pillow by carex contains a high-quality memory foam that will conform quickly and recover slowly in order to ensure that comfort is long-lasting. P107-00 Learn More
Bed Buddy Reusable Hot or Cold Body Wrap


Bed buddy hot and cold wraps are designed to relieve pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, leg, knee, or back. These wraps fasten securely with a loop and hook closure and are filled with organic grains. BBF20-00 Learn More
Adjustable Round Shower Stool by Carex


Ideal for narrow tubs. Slip-resistant rubber tips. Blow-molded plastic seat is 12 in diameter; height of seat adjusts in 1" increments from 15(1/2)-20(1/2)". Anodized aluminum Learn More
Invalid Ring


Durable heavy usage cushion conforms to natural body contours. Clean with damp cloth, easy to inflate and deflate for travel. Contains natural rubber. 16" Diameter x 3" H. Learn More
Textured Wall Grab Bar


Carex Textured Chrome Wall Grab Bars feature a textured diamond knurled gripping area. These bars provide assistance when bathing or using a commode. Learn More
Lumbar Support Cushion


Carex lumbar support cushions are designed for anyone who could use lower back support. This support cushion is hypo-allergenic and will work well with most chairs that have a back. P106-00 Learn More
Uplift Commode Assist


Uplift Commode Assist is a lifting, self-powered commode chair that delivers up to 70% lift assistance! The Commode Assist supports those up to 300lbs/136kgs. Learn More
Bathtub Rail Dual Level by Carex


Bathtub rail provides a high-low grip support with two textured finish gripping areas, including a straight crossbar. Chrome finish inhibits rust. Clamp adjusts from 3(1/2)" t Learn More
EZ Bath Shower Seat with Handles


EZ Bath Shower Seat with Handles is an extra wide, heavy duty commode featuring an extremely sturdy, welded, construction. This Bath Shower Seat offers more space between the arms and higher seat adjustments. Learn More
Men's Adjustable Aluminum Cane with Round Handle


Height adjusts in 1" increments from 29" to 38". Weight capacity: 250 lbs. Learn More
Bath Bench Plastic Adjustable Height


Carex Adjustable Bath and Shower Seat can be used in a bathtub or shower stall. Learn More
Trio Three Wheel Rollator Walker


Carex Trio Rollator Walkers are a uniquely designed walking aid that allows a person to have greater freedom than a traditional rollator. This rollator has three wheels , hand breaks, and a storage pouch. A333-00 Learn More
Adjustable Folding Cane


Adjustable Folding Cane Learn More
Walker Basket Snap On


Fits most 1" tubing walkers. Attaches quickly and easily without tools. Comes with tray and cup insert. Product weight .75 lb. Learn More
Sitz Bath Set


Sitz Bath Set with vented bowl to help prevent accidental overflow. Set includes: 2000cc graduated bag, 60" kink resistant tubing, shutoff clamp and instruction booklet. Learn More
Steel 3-in-1 Commode Heavy Duty


Carex 3-in-1 Commodes can be used as a bedside commode, a raised toilet seat, or a toilet safety frame. Steel Bedside commodes are for use when a person is unable to use a conventional toilet. B35711. Learn More
Bathtub Rail White


The wide contact area of this bathtub rail helps disperse weight evenly. This rail is ideal for use on fiberglass tubs. It also attaches easily to the tub with a mounting clam Learn More
Universal Toilet Paper Holder


Offers easy access to, and installation of, toilet paper. Attaches with one hand; no tools required. Fits all standard tube frame commodes. Learn More
Pedaler Digital Peddle Exerciser


Carex Digital Pedal Exercisers display calories burned, time, reps, or scroll through the three. They have a resistance knob to change the workout intensity and weight only 7 pounds. P554-00 Learn More
Lightweight Folding Wheelchair


Carex lightweight wheelchairs are fully collapsible. Unlike most other chairs, this chair folds flat, the backrest folds down, the desk arm rests flip up, and the footrests and rear wheels are removable. A227-00 Learn More
Bathtub Rail Tri Grip by Carex


This bathtub rail has three convenient gripping areas to make getting into and out of the bathtub easier. Each gripping area has a textured finish. Chrome finish inhibits rust Learn More
Carex Adjustable Crutches


Push Button Crutches are unique, because you can adjust the height of the crutch in one inch increments with the push of a button. They come with crutch pads, hand grips, and tips. A976-00 Learn More
Hand Held Shower Head with Diverter Valve


This Hand Held Shower Head is the perfect solution for bathing with a shower bench or when you want to have full control on the flow direction of your shower head. Learn More
Upeasy Lift Seat Assist


Carex Upeasy Seat Assist provides affordable mobility assistance to people in sitting or rising from a sitting position. Learn More
Bathtub Transfer Bench Durable Plastic


Bathtub Transfer Bench made of Durable Plastic is an inexpensive and economical bathtub transfer bench features space for shower curtain placement, adjustable seat height adjustment, and textured slip resistant surface. Learn More
Wheelchair Table and Over-bed Table Adjustable by Carex


Carex bedside tables are an excellent choice for anyone who needs a flat, sturdy surface while in bed. These overbed tables hold up to 50 lbs. and are adjustable for left and right handed use. P567 - 00 Learn More
Toilet Safety Frame


Tiolets rails are helpful to anyone who could use a grab bar for extra stability. These safety rails are adjustable for a variety of bathroom shapes. B368-00 Learn More
Walking Cane Black Wood by Carex


Please note: This item is a special order. Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.A Round Handle is the basic design for a walking cane. A cane provides additional support and can help Learn More
Walker Glide


Designed for use on the rear of a wheeled walker. Help increase maneuverability of the walker by allowing rear legs to glide while pushing. Learn More