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Featured CardinalHealth Products

AirLife Tracheostomy Mask


Neckband is made from comfortable, nonbiting material; swivel tubing connector permits access from either side of the patient. Special strap clips allow mask to be removed wit Learn More
Oxygen Mask AirLife Adult Vinyl With 7Ft Tubing by CardinalHealth


AirLife disposable oxygen masks are latex-free and made from soft, high-grade vinyl resins. The smooth, feathered edges are designed for patient comfort while reducing irritat Learn More
Oxygen Mask Nonrebreather Adult High Concentration


These AirLife disposable oxygen masks are made from soft, high-grade vinyl resins. In order to better meet the needs of a variety of patients, Cardinal/Allegiance produced th Learn More
AirLife Disposable Bacteria Filter


The AirLifeâ„¢ respiratory filter traps bacteria and viral particles by electrostatic attraction and its dense makeup. Filter provides defense against infection. Small, lightwei Learn More
AirLife Misty-Max10 Medication Nebulazers With Baffled Tee Adapter


Disposable nebulizers constructed of high impact plastic to resist breakage; built-in, anti-spill column to minimize loss of costly medication should the unit be tipped over. Learn More

Other Top Selling CardinalHealth Products

AirLife Incentive Spirometer


Our AirLife(TM) volumetric incentive spirometers simplify deep breathing therapy with an intuitive design that prompts patients to correctly perform and monitor their own brea Learn More
AirLife Empty Nebulizer


Has FIO2 settings adjustable from 35% to 100% and ports for a feed set and an immersion-type heater. Learn More
Kwik-Kold Instant Cold Pack


These Kwik-Kold Cold Packs offer exactly what their name suggests, instant cold. One squeeze and a quick shake is all it takes to activate these packs and get instant Cold Therapy relief, right where it is needed.

Once activated, the packs immediately drop to a chilly 33 degrees Fahrenheit lasting 30 minutes. Learn More

AirLife AirX Incentive Spirometer


Disposable and designed for exercising and measurement of volume flow. Pre- and postoperative patients increase lung volume by keeping the instrument’s inhalation-sensitive b Learn More
Pediatric Dragon Mask


High quality Air Life disposable aerosol mask made from high-grade resins. Feathered and flash free edges and ports provide cool, lightweight comfort and reduce irritation poi Learn More
Exam Table Paper White


Exam Table Paper Roll manufactured by Cardinal HealthCare is smooth Examination Table Paper used in a physician's office. Learn More
AirLife Trach Cuff Conector


Airlife Disp Cuff Cnctr-Trc Learn More
Kwik-Heat Single-Use Instant Hot Pack


Instant Hot Pack 6.25X8 Learn More
AirLife Trach Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier Infant


Condensor Humid Hch Infant Learn More
AirLife Trach Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier Type 1 Adult


Type 1 Adlt Hch Hmdfr F-Trc Learn More