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Sharps Compliance Inc

Sharps Compliance Inc is a manufacturer and full-service provider for Medical Waste management and disposal. Sharps Compliance makes Sharps Containers and Medical Waste Collection products that allow you to safely collect, store and dispose of medical waste. The Sharps Compliance Company offers a Sharps Recovery System that allows you to ship your medical waste to Sharps Compliance for proper disposal. These Sharps Compliance products and services are designed for clinics, medical facilities and individual consumers. Serving long-term care facilities as well as home care, Sharps Compliance provides safe containment and optional disposal procedures that offer OSHA compliant safety procedures.

Sharps Compliance is a USA company based in Houston, Texas. Offering a full-service solution to medical waste from collection to final disposal, Sharps Compliance provides a medical waste disposal service that meets state and federal safety requirements. Sharps Compliance Products serves homecare, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, retail pharmacies, assisted living facilities and clinics. Medical waste collection from dental, veterinary and hospital care are all supported. Sharps Compliance Inc waste solutions are OSHA compliant.

Sharps Compliance Environmentally Friendly   Sharps Compliance Practice   Sharps Compliance 20 Years Service

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