Securi-T Drainable Pouch for Two-Piece Pouching Systems - Transparent with Belt Tabs

TOP Features:
  • Belt Tabs Included
  • Latex-Free
  • Transparent
  • Lightweight
  • Drainable
  • Durable
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Item# Description Size Price

1 3/4-Inch Flange w/ Filter and 10 Filter Covers

Box of 10
$1.726 each

Regular Price: $24.78

Sale Price: $17.26


2 1/4-Inch Flange w/ Filter and 10 Filter Covers

Box of 10
$1.908 each



2 3/4-Inch Flange w/ Filter and 10 Filter Covers

Box of 10
$1.728 each

Regular Price: $24.43

Sale Price: $17.28


1-3/4 Inch Flange, No Filter

Box of 10
$1.408 each



2-1/4 Inch Flange, No Filter

Box of 10
$1.275 each

Regular Price: $18.30

Sale Price: $12.75


2-3/4-Inch Flange, No Filter

Box of 10


1 3/4-Inch Flange w/ Filter and 10 Filter Covers - Box of 10
SKU: 7308134

Regular Price: $24.78

Sale Price: $17.26

2 1/4-Inch Flange w/ Filter and 10 Filter Covers - Box of 10
SKU: 7308214


2 3/4-Inch Flange w/ Filter and 10 Filter Covers - Box of 10
SKU: 7308234

Regular Price: $24.43

Sale Price: $17.28

1-3/4 Inch Flange, No Filter - Box of 10
SKU: 7312134


2-1/4 Inch Flange, No Filter - Box of 10
SKU: 7312214

Regular Price: $18.30

Sale Price: $12.75

2-3/4-Inch Flange, No Filter - Box of 10
SKU: 7312234



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The Securi-T Drainable Pouch for Two-Piece Pouching System is not only discreet, but it also makes monitoring a breeze. Now you can easily see when it is time to empty the contents. That can make for fewer changes, which helps protect the skin around the stoma.

The pouch attaches to a flange by pressing it on the ring until it clicks into place. Its thin profile allows you to wear it under your clothing without creating any outlines or displaying any outward signs of being there. You can even wear this pouch with a bathing suit.

The pouch has a curved tail closure that aids in emptying and rinsing the bag out. By folding this tail over a few times, you can tuck it into your clothing with ease without creating a noticeable outline.

How to Use the Hollister Securi-T Drain Pouch 12 Inch Transparent Bag

Securi-T Pouch
The Securi-T Drainable Pouch
  1. Fold the drain flap on the pouch several times to close it.
  2. Make sure that the drain is secure and will not leak.
  3. Clean the area around the stoma with warm water and soap.
  4. Do not use skin gel or lotion type soap.
  5. Let your skin dry (fanning it helps reduce drying time).
  6. Work the protective skin barrier (or cut) so that the middle hole matches the size and shape of your stoma (you can also use barrier strips if you wish).
  7. Center the barrier over the stoma with one corner pointing up.
  8. Run your finger around the flange to ensure a good connection.
  9. Barriers with a paper backing - peel the paper strip from one side and press down.
  10. Repeat on the other side.
  11. Attach the pouch by pushing the flanges together, starting at the bottom.
  12. *The pouch hangs down with the opening near the top.
  13. There will be a series of clicks as you press the pieces together.
  14. When the clicks stop, the two pieces are firmly attached.
  15. Place your hands over the flanges and press, holding for a minute to activate the adhesive.
  16. Tuck the body of the pouch under your clothes.
  17. Cover the remainder with a shirt or the apparel of your choice.

How to Empty and Clean

  1. Empty your Hollister Pouch when it becomes one third to halfway full.
  2. Line the toilet with toilet paper to help reduce splashes.
  3. You can stand or sit, whichever makes you the most comfortable.
  4. Untuck the pouch from your clothing.
  5. Unfold the end, making sure that the drain points up.
  6. Open the drain on the pouch.
  7. Point the drain to where you want the contents to go.
  8. Once the pouch is empty, clean the drain with toilet paper.
  9. If you wish to make the process easier, you can use an ostomy pouch lubricant.
  10. When using lubricant, empty the contents into the drain.
  11. Work the lubricant up through the pouch.
  12. Fold the drain and secure it so that it does not leak.

How to Change

  1. Start at the top of the pouch to avoid potential spills.
  2. Place one hand on your skin next to the flange.
  3. Gently pull the pouch away from the appliance with your other hand.
  4. Throw the pouch away.
  5. Repeat the process with the flange, removing it from the barrier.
  6. Next, pull the barrier off.
  7. Clean the area with warm water and plain soap.
  8. (Cream and scented soaps leave a residue that lessons barrier adhesion.)
  9. Apply a new pouching system.
Securi-T 312134
The Securi-T Pouch SKU 312134

How to Match to the Flange

  • Each pouch matches to a specific flange.
  • The last three digits of each SKU indicates the flange size.
  • Matching pouches and flanges end with the same three numbers.
  • For example, if your pouch SKU ends with 134, then your flange also needs to end with 134.

Complimentary Ostomy Accessories

Features and Benefits

  • Soft, Skin-Friendly Comfort Panel
  • Quiet - Discrete
  • Lightweight - Easy to Wear and Carry
  • Sturdy - Material will not Burst
  • Environmentally Safe Film
  • Ease-of-Access - Expose Your Stoma with Little Effort
  • Quick Pouch Change
  • Superior Stoma Protection
  • Filter - Deodorizes Gas as it Escapes
  • Belt Tabs - Attach to Ostomy Belt to Support Weight


  • Brand: Securi-T
  • Manufacturer: Hollister
  • Length: 12 Inches
  • Flange Sizes: 1.75, 2.25, and 2.75 Inches
  • Closure: Curved Tail
  • Filter Covers: Includes 10
  • Latex: Latex-Free


How to Apply a Two-Piece Drainable Pouching System | Hollister Video (6:40 minutes)



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