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Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips and Conformable Seals

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TOP Features:
  • Hydrocolloid option for sensitive skin types
  • Universal design to work with all ostomy appliance brands
  • Moldable and shapable to fill in uneven skin gaps
  • Pre-cut and cut-to-fit-options
  • Absorbs moisture and adheres well, even when wet
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7200344 7200344, Barrier Strips

Hydrocolloid Barrier Strips - Box of 30


7200444 7200344, Barrier Strips

4 x 4 Inch Hydrocolloid Barrier - Box of 10


7900222 7200344, Barrier Strips

2 Inch Diameter Conformable Seals - Pack of 5


7900222 7200344, Barrier Strips

2 Inch Diameter Conformable Seals - Box of 4


7900444 7200344, Barrier Strips

4 Inch Diameter Conformable Seal - Each


7900444 7200344, Barrier Strips

4 Inch Diameter Comformable Seals - Box of 10


7900444 7200344, Barrier Strips

4 Inch Diameter Conformable Seals - Case of 360



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Securi-T Barrier Strips
Securi-T Hydrocolloid Barrier Strips

Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips and Conformable Seals are used with ostomy appliances to protect sensitive peristomal skin and prevent leakage. The Securi-T brand provides a variety of ostomy products to properly seal ostomy wafers or appliances without compromising the skin. Individuals needing a skin-friendly product due to sensitive peristomal skin or skin allergy to tape or adhesives will find Hydrocolloid Barrier and Strip options to be an optimal alternative.

The Securi-T Hydrocolloid Barrier and Strips contain a gel-like substance that activates with water, allowing it to attach to the skin safely without worry of irritation. The hydrocolloid strips are pre-cut to make for fast application. The 4 x 4 -inch barrier is trimmed to cut-to-fit around the stoma or fill in around where there are gaps.

To prevent leakage when wearing an ostomy pouch, it's important to always keep a smooth surface. Sometimes scars and uneven skin sections leave gaps and make this a difficult task. This is where Securi-T products come in handy. The Securi-T Conformable Seals create a stable, flat surface to increase stoma bag connection to minimize the chance of leaks. You want to take any measure you can to fill in the gaps so that the skin isn't compromised. Leaks can cause - apart from uncomfortable situations - irritations on the skin that can lead to blemish and infections if left untreated. The conformable seals will stretch within reason to conform to the stoma. Choose from 2 and 4-inch diameter seals based on your stoma size.

Whether you select Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barriers, Strips, or Conformable Seals, each option is designed with comfort in mind. The edges are rounded so that when bending or leaning occurs, it won't stab into the skin and cause pain and discomfort. These ostomy accessories are also universal to work with Securi-T ostomy appliances as well as any major brands.

Doctors may also recommend Securi-T products when a patient is having difficulty with adhesives and getting the stoma bag to adhere properly. Many of these issues can be solved by using the right tools to increase adhesive abilities such as an ostomy paste that works in a similar factor to fill the gaps.

Make sure to always clean the skin properly before placing a strip or seal. The Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film, by 3M, cleans the area without irritating the skin.

Moldable Seals are Optimal for:

Securi-T Barrier Squares
Securi-T Hydrocolloid Barrier Squares
  • Individuals with a a retracted stoma.
  • Individuals with irrigular-shaped stoma.
  • Individuals with ongoing ostomy pouch leaks.

Removing the Securi-T Ostomy Conformable Seals is simple. Place one hand on the skin and gently pry up one end of a strip. Pull each piece over the top of itself with slow, even pressure.

How it Protects the Skin

  • Hollister Conformable Seals conform to skin irregularities when moistened.
  • They stick to the surface, creating a barrier.
  • Fluids cannot leak but are collected in the bag instead.

How to Apply

  • Peel the protective layer from one side of the product by pulling on the provided tab.
  • Place on skin.
  • Press firmly.
Securi-T Barrier Rings
Securi-T Hydrocolloid Barrier Rings

Why it is Important to Fill in Skin Irregularities

  • Irregularities can lead to gaps under the edges of your appliance.
  • Gaps allow fluids to escape.
  • Fluids can cause damage to your skin, clothing, and often create a foul odor.

What is 'Picture Framing' in Ostomy Care?

Picture Framing is where you put your adhesive strips on top of the outside edge of your appliance to hold it securely in place. In essence, you create a frame that covers your appliance's rim and extends over your skin.

What is Hydrocolloid?

  • Created with gel-forming ingredients (usually gelatin, but can be pectin or other similar agents)
  • Made from semipermeable polyurethane
  • Swells when moistened to form a gel.
Securi-T 4 Inch Barrier Rings
Securi-T Hydrocolloid 4 Inch Barrier Rings

Features and Benefits

  • Skin-Friendly Hydrocolloid Tape Alternative Options
  • Adheres When Wet and Absorbs Moisture
  • Improves Appliance Wear-Time
  • Seals and Barrier Options to Fill in Gaps
  • Stretches and Molds
  • Prevents Leakage
  • Protects the Peristomal Skin
  • Universal Design to Work with All Appliance Brands
  • Can Be Cut-to-Fit
  • Strips are Pre-Cut for Fast Application
  • Easy to Remove

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Hollister, formerly Genairex
  • Brand: Securi-T
  • Product Number: 7200344, 7200444, 7900222, 7900444
  • Application: Adhere Ostomy Appliance, Fill in Skin Gaps
  • HCPCS: A4362


Product Videos

Applying and Removing Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips

Video Transcription

Some helpful hints for applying and removing the strips.

Before applying, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Remove the back end strip with the help of the tab.

Place the strip where required. The strips will adhere more quickly if you gently massage over the strips with your fingertips.

Removing the strip from the skin is easy. They can be removed along with your appliance or simply grasp the edge of the strip and stretch to the side for easy removal.

Securi-T skin barrier strips are reimbursed by most insurance providers.

Three strips are equal to a four by four-solid hydrocolloid wafer for billing purposes. Remember, Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips are the proven tape alternative.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Hollister
Brand Securi-T

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