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Product Highlights

  • Clave-Y-Site
  • 15 milliliter drip rate
  • Polyethylene lined tubing
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Returns
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14242-28 Option-Lok Connector, 15 Drops/mL , 1 Port, Clave Needleless Port, 19.9 mL Priming Volume, 104 Inch - Clave Y-Site Each
List Price: $8.54 Price:
You Save: $0.94 (11%)
14242-28 Option-Lok Connector, 15 Drops/mL , 1 Port, Clave Needleless Port, 19.9 mL Priming Volume, 104 Inch - Clave Y-Site Case of 50
List Price: $447.75 Price:
($7.97 ea)
You Save: $49.25 (11%)
14243-28 Secure Lock Male Adapter, 15 Drops/mL, Slide Clamp, 19 mL Priming Volume, 104 Inch - 2 Clave Y-Sites - 2 - 4 Weeks Lead Time Case of 50
List Price: $488.83 Price:
($8.70 ea)
You Save: $53.77 (11%)
14255-28 Option-Lok Male Adapter, 15 Drops/mL, 0.2 Micron Filter, 1 Clave Y-Site Port, 22 mL Priming Volume, Sterlie, 104 Inch Case of 50
List Price: $841.96 Price:
($14.99 ea)
You Save: $92.62 (11%)
LifeShield PRIMARY PLUMSET IV Tubing iv-set-14242-28-primary-plumset-clave-y-site-104-inch Part, Convertible Piercing Pin with Sigh Chamber  Part, Side Clamp Part, Dual Channel Cassette with Capped Port Part, Clave Y-Site Secure Lock iv-set-14243-28-primary-plumset-clave-y-sites-104-inch iv-set-14253-28-primary-plumset-macrobore-clave-y-sites-2 iv-set-14255-28-primary-plumset-clave-y-site-0-2-micron-fil


The ICU Medical / Hospira LifeShield Primary PlumSet, formerly known as Hospira Lifeshield Primary I.V Plumset, is a Plum A IV tubing connection device for the process of administrating IV fluids or medication. The Plum IV line is configured for connecting 1 or 2 IV sets. Usually when there are two connections to provide, one can be medication while the other is a solution.

The process begins by connecting the tubes from the solution or medication the patient will receive to the port or ports. After the solutions are attached, the cassette is inserted into the IV pump machine to start the mechanical process of extraction flow from the IV connections Plum A IV Tubing is compatible for use with any current ICU Medical Plum Infusion Pump or any legacy Abbott/Hospira Plum Pumps, including the Plum A+ Infusion Pump. At a drip rate of 15 milliliters, the flow of solutions meets inside the tube, one section can be stopped while the other section continues through, or both can be going at the same time if needed. Made of latex-free material, the plumset is safe for use with most patients who may be sensitive to latex-based products. The polyethylene lined tubing allows content to flow freely without restriction caused by the tube material, eliminating the risk of backed up IV lines.

The Clave Y-Site of the line is the connecting point for the secondary line. If the second line is to be used for connecting a syringe, the top screw on opening can accommodate that too, the fixed connection holds can hold a syringe in place. The Micron filter on selected plumset's helps filter the flow of solution once in the line. The clave port is a needleless entry, no need to create a new IV incision, causing more discomfort to the patient.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Made of Latex-Free Material
  • Single or Dual Port
  • 15 Milliliter Drip Rate
  • Polyethylene Lined Tubing
  • Clave Y-Site Type
  • Optional Micron Filter
  • Needleless Clave Port

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: ICU Medical, formerly Hospira
  • Product SKU: 1424228, 1424328, 1425328, 1425528
  • Application: Primary Administration Set
  • Type: Plum Set IV Tubing
  • Connector Type: Option-Lok Connector
  • Priming Volume: 19, 19.9, 22, 25
  • Tubing Length: 104, 112 Inches
  • Port Type: Clave Needleless Port
  • Number of Ports: 1, 2 Port
  • Drip Rate: 15 Drops / Milliliter Drip Rate
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