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Featured ReliaMed Products

ReliaMed Adhesive Remover Wipes with Fresh Scent


The ReliaMed Adhesive Remover Wipes are used to remove bandage adhesive from the skin. Most first-aid tapes are made so that little or no adhesive remains on your skin when Learn More

Other Top Selling ReliaMed Products

ReliaMed ACE-Type Soft Cloth Elastic Tape Roll


Elastic Tape 2" X 2.5 Yds (20), 5 Yds Stretched Learn More
ReliaMed Lubricating Jelly

Lubricating Jelly, manufactured by ReliaMed, is a sterile, water soluble, Non-greasy lubricating jelly. Lubricating jelly can be used for a variety of medical or at home procedures. This product provides continuous lubrication that adheres well to it's surface and can be easily removed with a towel Learn More
ReliaMed Reusable Underpad


Quilted Reusable Underpads, manufactured by ReliaMed, are a quilted design underpad that provides moderate absorbency with a great value.Underpads help protect mattresses and other equipment. Learn More
Nasal Cannula Curved and Non-Flared with 7 Foot Tubing


Nasal Cannula from ReliaMed is designed for adult oxygen therapy patients. This Nasal Cannula features a curved, non-flared tip design that is soft and conforms to patient's nose. Learn More
Hospital Vinyl Mattress Cover with Zipper


Vinyl sheet with sidewalls and elastric straps covers the top and sides of the mattress. Learn More
Physio Tape


Physio Tape provides support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. Learn More
Powder Free Exam Glove Non-Sterile by ReliaMed


Powder Free Exam Glove, manufactured by ReliaMed is a latex glove designed for medical professionals and caregivers who prefer powder latex gloves. Many individuals have used latex gloves, they are convenient and available in a wide variety of styles. These gloves are manufactured with a pure and natural latex that is medical grade. This makes it perfect for medical professionals, caregivers or individuals performing tasks that need a simple and effective means of protection. Learn More
Tracheostomy Fenestrated Split Gauze Sponge


ReliaMed Tracheostomy Drainage Sponges. Ideal for dressing around tracheostomy tube, or any type of tube on the body. Sterile. Learn More
Hip Assist Kit


Six Piece Kit Includes 1-Sock Aid; 1-26" Reacher; 1-19.5" Dressing Stick/Shoe Horn; 1- 22.5" Long Handle Bath Sponge; Black And White Elastic Shoe Laces, 27", 1 Pair Each Colo Learn More
Vinyl Exam Gloves Powder Free Non-sterile by ReliaMed


Vinyl Examination Gloves Powder Free Non-Sterile, manufactured by ReliaMed, are vinyl exam gloves that meet or exceed ASTM and FDA examination glove standards. Learn More
BodyMed Tens Unit


BodyMed Tens Units by Reliamed are designed to relieve chronic pain through electrotherapy. These tens units are dual channeled with asymmetrical output with adjustable pulse rates. ZZA320C, ZZA350T, ZZA45LW Learn More
Sheer Spot Plastic Adhesive Bandage by ReliaMed


Spot Adhesive Bandage is made of sheer plastic by ReliaMed. This ReliaMed Adhesive Bandage is a Spot Bandage with a 7/8 Inch diameter. Learn More
Economy Soft Gauze Sponge


Economy line gauze sponge, sterile , 8-ply, or 12-ply latex-free. Learn More
ReliaMed Abdominal Binder


Abdominal Binder, manufactured by ReliaMed, provides abdominal support while allowing patients to move around, promoting faster operation recovery. Abdominal binders provide compression and support to the upper and lower abdominal area. The compression promotes blood circulation and oxygen levels at the operation site while reducing swelling. Learn More
BodyMed EMS Unit


EMS units are a duel channel, three mode electronic muscle stimulator units. These electrotherapy machines stimulate the muscles repeatedly, typically used for rehabilitation and training. ZZA500, ZZA550 Learn More
Bodymed Dual Channel Interferential Unit, with AC Adapter


IF 400 digital interferential units by Reliamed are designed for pain relief through electrotherapy. Interferential units work similar to Tens units, except they penetrate much deeper into the skin. ZZAIF400,ZZAIF450 Learn More
Digital Moist Heat Pack


Moist heat pads are digital moist heat pads that are designed to create their own moisture by pulling humidity directly from the air. This heating pad comes with a soft, fleece covering and a manual. Learn More
Latex Exam Glove Powdered Non-Sterile by ReliaMed


Latex Powdered Gloves, manufactured by ReliaMed, are latex exam gloves that meet or exceed ASTM and FDA examination glove standards.These gloves feature a powder lubricant that assists With application and donning. Learn More
ReliaMed Tongue Depressors


ReliaMed Tongue Depressor, features splinter-free and smooth round edges. The hardwood birch depressors measure 6 Inches long and 3/4 inches wide. Unflavored wi… Learn More

Premium Exam Table Paper


ReliaMed Premium Exam Table Paper is smooth Examination Table Paper used in doctor Learn More
BodyMed Portable Ultrasound Unit


Portable ultrasound units are designed for ultrasonic therapy. This unit creates heat deep in the muscles to relive pain and muscle spasms with ultrasonic waves. ZZA1000 Learn More
Self Monitoring Home Blood Pressure Kit


ReliaMed self-monitoring home blood pressure kit with un-attached stethoscope. An easy-to-use instrument, including everything needed for home blood pressure measurement. Learn More
Patella Knee Supports

Patella Knee braces by Reliamed are designed for maximum comfort, breathability, easy clean-up, and functional support. The knee braces are machine washable and have a comfortable darted design. Learn More
BodyMed Iontophoresis Electrodes


BodyMed iontophoresis electrodes are kits containing one active, drug-delivery electrode, one buffering electrode, and two alcohol swabs. These electrodes are used for electrotherapy. ZZAI275,ZZAI325,ZZAI35,ZZAI375B Learn More