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  1. iWalkFree Crutch
    It's an awesome product!.
    I had Achilles tendon repair surgery and had to carry ankle-to knee cast for 6 weeks. I went to Mediterranean cruise in the middle of this period and was able
    (Review by Ark)
  2. iWalkFree Crutch
    Well designed and made and works well for standing and walking needs in a small space..
    I am recovering from an Achilles surgery and unable to put weight on my left foot for two months including a walking tour in Europe. I purchsed the I-Walk with
    (Review by Sanders)
  3. iWalkFree Crutch
    Everything seems to be as represented.
    Shipped to us and arrived early. We watched the instructions and presently are trying to get comfortable with the crutch
    (Review by Larry)
  4. iWalkFree Crutch
    This is a great product; it just takes a little getting used to it..
    The instructions are perfect and the videos are perfect. It is great to be able to walk around and have my hands free. I can't imagine walking very far in
    (Review by SJG)

Knee Walker - Leg Walker & More!

Knee Walkers


A knee scooter, also known as a knee walker, is a great alternative to crutches during rehabilitation. Some injuries that a knee scooter would prove beneficial include sprains, ulcers, a broken foot and post-foot operations.

After injury and the patient is going through the rehabilitation process, an individual utilizes a knee walker by gently kneeling one leg on the cushioned knee pad and using the free leg to propel the walker forward. Most knee walkers come with 4 to 8 inch wheels, which allows an individual to easily maneuver around their environment.

In addition to being effortlessly manipulated, knee walkers are easily adjustable to accommodate the needs of the individual patient, too. Knee scooters, additionally, are readily available in junior or adults sizes. Some knee scooters are even equipped with brakes and others are steerable. To find the best combinations for your specific needs, peruse the descriptions below of the wide variety of knee walkers.

Contingent upon your individual needs, Vitality Medical has a knee scooter for sale that can efficiently and effectively assist you during your healing process. To ensure that you are choosing the best leg walker, please confer with your medical provider.

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