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  1. iWalkFree Crutch
    Hands Free Clutch Gets Me Around Review.
    My doctor suggested me to buy this, because walking was difficult with my foot and this made it so much easier to get around. I am using this product now
    (Review by Becky)
  2. iWalkFree Crutch
    As good as expected..
    Before deciding to purchase the IWALKFREE, I read many mixed reviews. It took a few days to become comfortable with it, but it definitely beats traditional crutches. I am so
    (Review by JB)
  3. iWalkFree Crutch
    Great product, lets me work again.
    I can't say enough good things about this product. I am an ambulatory horse vet, after breaking my foot in a horse back riding accident I was told I had
    (Review by PonyDoc)
  4. iWalkFree Crutch
    Performs as advertised!.
    I ordered the iWalk-Free because I wanted a crutch device that would allow me to keep my hands free and because I needed to be able to safely navigate stairs
    (Review by John)

Knee Walker - Leg Walker & More!

Knee Walkers


Knee Walkers substitute for crutches and walkers to help people recover from foot surgery, sprains, ulcers, broken foot, and amputations. Adult Knee Walkers are also known as leg walkers. Knee Walkers for children or short individuals are also available and are know as Junior Knee Walkers. Patients using a Knee Walker, kneel with one leg on the cushioned knee pad and use the other leg to propel the walker forward. Most knee walkers or leg walkers come with 4 to 8 inch wheels to easily maneuver around or over obstacles. Many of these Knee Walkers are adjustable to accommodate the needs of the individual patient. Some are equipped with safety brakes and others are steerable. The leading manufacturers of Knee Walkers include Invacare - the Invacare Knee Walker, Drive Medical - the Drive Medical Wheeled Knee Walker, and Medline - the Medline Weil Knee Walker. Get your Leg Walker or Knee Walker at Vitality Medical today!

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