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  1. iWalkFree Crutch
    Good product.
    Arrived on time. Does allow for hands free again. Things like doing dishes, cooking or folding laundry. Small things yes but doable now. If you have a cast the knee
    (Review by Mark)
  2. iWalkFree Crutch
    My third leg!.
    I had a horrible car accident and it made me use this for weeks. Could have been even worse though, it was manageable thanks to this great device! First mom
    (Review by Nicole)
  3. iWalk 2.0 Hands Free Crutch
    Well worth it.
    It took a few minutes to figure it out, and a day or so to be 100% comfortable in it. Makes like a lot easier when crutches are required. Well
    (Review by JRE)
  4. iWalk 2.0 Hands Free Crutch
    iWalk Made Recovery Easier.
    The iWalk was so much better to use than the crutches they gave me in the hospital.
    (Review by Girl with Injured Foot)

Knee Crutch | Hands Free Crutch & More!

Knee Crutch


Knee Crutches provide excellent support for lower leg injuries and surgeries. Hands free crutches like the iWalk 2.0 act as a leg extension and makes regular walking simple and easy. These and similar hands free crutches pad the knee and strap to the thigh to provide stability while facilitating normal walking. Other styles include wheeled knee walkers like the Drive Wheeled Knee Walker. Wheeled Knee Walkers makes it easy to glide around without requiring much physical strain. Alternative style crutches like knee crutches may be just what you need stay active and mobile.

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