Jobst Compression Stockings for Women | Compression Therapy

Compression stockings for women, manufactured by Jobst, are high quality stockings that aid in the medical care, through compression, of varicose veins on the legs and ankles, feet swelling, muscle fatigue and deep vein thrombosis.

Compression therapy can be costly, and Jobst is not unresponsive to this detail, which is why this leading manufacturer creates durable and long-lasting, quality socks to save you money. In addition to these being affordable compression socks, these compression stockings for women are ready for use in your preferences, including color, size, length, compression amount and more.

Choose from athletic-sock style knee socks, knee high compression stockings or even compression pantyhose. If you are pregnant and experience varicose veins or leg fatigue, you may consider Jobst maternity pantyhose. These range from a light 8-15mmHg compression to a firm 20-30mmHg compression. To find the best compression socks for your specific needs, browse our choice line of Jobst stockings today!