Hospital Bed Trapeze

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Hospital Bed Trapeze & More!

Hospital Bed Trapeze


Trapeze bars are designed to hang over a bed so a patient can grab and move themselves. Trapeze bars are especially useful for those who need consistent bed care, who may be physically disabled or in a state where they cannot move their lower extremities. One will be able to shift their weight by grabbing and lifting their torso upward and sliding their body one way or another, or so a caregiver can better assist them. Vitality Medical carries some of the more popular trapeze bar types, either in a fixed or free standing design, through reputable brand names.

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Advantages of Having a Bed Trapeze

  • The patient has a means of gaining strength by lifting themselves.
  • The patient is given a sense of independence by being able to move on their own volition.
  • It reduces the chance of bed sores if the patient can reposition themselves at will.
  • Makes a caregiver's job easier with less effort lifting and repositioning.