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  1. Reusable Plastic Bed Pans
    Caregiver's friend..
    I've been working as a caregiver for about 3 years now. One of my problems are the incontinence product that do not help. Some may help a bit but others
    (Review by Zac)
  2. Fractured Bed Pans
    The Right Disposable plastic bed pans-A review.
    No one will be willing to clean the bed pans or plastic containers which are used to accumulate the body fluids or human excrement. The shape of this bed pans
    (Review by Tommy)

Bedpans & More!



Bed pans on Vitality Medical are varied in shape and size. The bed pans are offered through popular brands, which provide common designs like pontoon bed pans and fractured bed pans. These are often a necessary item for individuals who cannot readily get out of bed to use the toilet and for caregivers who typically have patients with specific needs. Many of the bed pan types on Vitality Medical are made of hard, washable plastic, while some are also autoclavable. Vitality Medical is proud to offer a wide assortment of bed pans as a valuable resource to our customer.

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Types of Bed Pans and Their Uses

  • Pontoon Bed Pans are most often used for maximizing comfort because of their folded edges.
  • A pontoon bed pan most closely resembles a toilet and is easy to wash.
  • Use a Fracture bed pan to slide under patients who often have difficulty sitting up or lifting the lower torso.