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  1. UniSolve Adhesive Remover
    Terrific Product.
    I have always had a problem with the adhesive sticking when you take tape or a bandaid off, but with this Adhesive Remover I do not have that problem any
    (Review by MJO)
  2. Dermasol Adhesive Remover
    EXCELLENT Product.
    Of allthe adhesive removers I have used thie is the BEST!!!
    (Review by Claudine)
  3. AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipe
    I use this product exclusively!.
    AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipes is an extraordinary tool in my personal care kit. Since introduced to me 15 years ago, I use it exclusively. I am confident using this product
    (Review by Adhesive Remover Wipes)
  4. UniSolve Adhesive Remover
    UniSolve Adhesive Remover Review.
    I had my knee skin ripped off and put some dressing with bandage. However, it left a lot of adhesive on my skin and I was afraid just to remove
    (Review by Lexy)

Medical Adhesives / Adhesive Removers — Detachol, Medical Adhesive Remover & More!

Adhesives & Removers


Medical Adhesives and Removers help to apply and retain bandages on wounds as well as remove bandage adhesive material after wound dressings are removed. Since securing a wound is necessary to promote proper healing, adhesives and removers are important. Adhesives are used to secure dressings, prosthetics and ostomy appliances. Adhesives are moisture and perspiration-resistant. Removers gently remove adhesive when the dressing and prosthetics are changed or removed. Adhesive Removers are easy on the skin and environment-friendly. Wound adhesive spray, adhesive removers and wipes from Hollister, Urocare, Ferndale Labs, ConvaTec, Perma, ReliaMed, Smith & Nephew. Discounts for online wound adhesives and removers!

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