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  1. Uro Bond III - UROBOND IV Brush-On Silicone Adhesives and Thinner
    Great item.
    i use this item daily
    (Review by Richard)
  2. AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipe
    A great product. Really removes the adhesive well without chemicals. Thank you!
    (Review by Meglets)
  3. UniSolve Adhesive Remover
    unisolve Adhesive Remover Review.
    Taking care of old people is a difficult job. I usually get blood samples, inject insulin, etc. All involves putting cotton and tapes in their fingers. A lot of them
    (Review by Sheena)
  4. AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipe
    excellent product and service.
    My order was processed efficiently, and the product completely removes all medical adhesive without irritation or stain. Great product!
    (Review by Professor)

Medical Adhesives / Adhesive Removers — Detachol, Medical Adhesive Remover & More!

Adhesives & Removers


Medical Adhesives and Removers help to apply and retain bandages on wounds as well as remove bandage adhesive material after wound dressings are removed. Since securing a wound is necessary to promote proper healing, adhesives and removers are important. Adhesives are used to secure dressings, prosthetics and ostomy appliances. Adhesives are moisture and perspiration-resistant. Removers gently remove adhesive when the dressing and prosthetics are changed or removed. Adhesive Removers are easy on the skin and environment-friendly. Wound adhesive spray, adhesive removers and wipes from Hollister, Urocare, Ferndale Labs, ConvaTec, Perma, ReliaMed, Smith & Nephew. Discounts for online wound adhesives and removers!

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