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VertaLoc Logo VertaLoc is an industry leader in designing medical in designing medical devices. They create extremity support devices in addition to spinal support braces and their product line continues to grow. Braces by VertaLoc are designed to go above and beyond the competition with a product line developed around the needs and desires of their customers and the patients for whom they care. All of their products are PDAC approved, durable, comfortable and low profile so patients can maintain and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Knee Braces by VertaLoc

Dealing with pain and damage to your knee is easily handled by VertaLoc braces. With customizable range of motion and adjustable hinges the patient can maintain their activity level while stopping the possibility of further injury from flexion and extension.

Back Braces by Vertaloc

Whether the pain is chronic or part of a temporary treatment regime VertaLoc makes a brace that will work for you and help you get active. VertaLoc back braces provide support and compression without sacrificing comfort.

Wrist and Elbow Braces by VertaLoc

Elbow braces are typically used for protection and support after injury, soreness or fatigue. These braces will keep the elbow immobilized using the same adjustable features of the knee brace to promote healing.

Ankle and Night Braces by VertaLoc

The ACTIVE ankle brace is comfortable, reliable, and designed to give the best support for instability. It immobilizes the ankle to prevent the development of further injuries and promote healing. The Night splint is made to support and heal individuals with plantar fasciitis or plantar flexion contracture up to 45 degrees.

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