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Precision Foods

Kent Precision Foods Group is the manufacturer of Thick-It dysphagia nutrition products. Kent Precision Foods is based in America’s heartland, St. Louis, Missouri. Specializing in the development and blending of dry mix food products, Kent Precision Foods Group offers personal nutrition solutions to meet the needs of Dysphagia patients and other nutrition needs. Beginning in 1992, Kent Precision Foods Group (KPFG) was the outcome of a merger between Frostline Foods and Precision Pack Foods. Currently, KPFG manufactures the following top selling nutrition products: Frostline, Foothill Farms, Mrs. Wages and Thick-It.

Kent Precision Foods Products

Thick-It branded products from Kent Precision Food Group offers Dysphagia patients nutrition when swallowing is difficult. Thick-It includes delicious ready-to-drink beverages, ready-to-eat purees, and food/drink thickeners. Thick-It products available at Vitality Medical include the following listed below:

Thick-It Instant Food Thickener Powder works in hot or cold beverages or pureed foods.
Thick-It Purees offer great taste and reliable consistency for dysphagia patients.
Thick-It AquaCare H2O Thickened Liquids comes in four delicious flavors ready-to-drink.
Thick-It AquaCare H20 Thickened Coffee provides proper nutrition and hydration for people with swallowing disorders.
Thick-It AquaCare H20 Thickened Decaffeinated Coffee is available in nectar or honey consistency

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