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Insert Pads

How to Choose an Insert Pad

Insert pads are slim, full-length pads that are inserted into regular underwear and that can be used for light, moderate or heavy urinary leakage. Insert pads come in many different absorption levels and are available in different styles for both men and women. Most insert pads fit comfortably beneath brief-style underwear and/or pant-style incontinence underwear and attach securely to underwear via an adhesive strip, ensuring that the liner stays securely in place all day long. Part of choosing the correct pant liner for your needs is understanding what absorbency level you require. Listed below is what you need to know about how to choose the correct absorbency level for your incontinence needs.

Set Ascending Direction

21-40 of 57

Set Ascending Direction

21-40 of 57

Absorbency: Insert pads are designed with a core of super absorbent microbeads that trap liquid away from the skin to target high-protection areas, thus keeping the skin dry throughout the day. It is essential that your skin remain dry and moisture-free throughout the day, as this prevents chafing and promotes healthy skin condition over extended lengths of time. Insert pads are available with the following absorbency levels: very light, light, moderate and heavy. Many pant liners are specifically designed to be pH balanced, resulting in a moisture-free and odor-protected user experience. Attends offers several different types of light insert pads that effectively control odor and moisture build while remaining lightweight and non-bulky.

Different Styles of Insert Pads

Some pant liners are specifically designed for men, and some pant liners are specifically designed for women. There are several crucial key differences between pant liners that are designed for men and pant liners that are designed for women. Pant liners that are designed for men are body-shaped and contain super-absorbent polymer that locks in liquid directly at the core. Most pant liners for men are specifically shaped to accommodate male anatomy in a manner that is simultaneously comfortable and non-invasive. Most insert pads for men are cup-shaped and specifically designed to be wearable with brief-style underwear or pant-style incontinence underwear. First Quality offers insert pads with light to moderate moisture absorption that are ideal for every day use. Pant liners for women tend to be slightly more elongated than pant liners for men, and are also equipped with an adhesive strip to securely attach the pad to underwear or an undergarment.

The Benefits of Enhanced Wicking

Enhanced wicking speeds the absorption of fluid throughout the pant liner while gently wicking away wetness much faster than traditional cotton fluff underpads. Enhanced wicking dramatically helps increase skin integrity while simultaneously trapping and eliminating odor-causing ammonia, resulting in pleasant, irritation-free user experience. Tena offers a wide variety of light, moderate and heavy moisture absorption insert pads that effectively wick away excess moisture for a completely dry and non-irritating user experience.

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