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Full Line of McKesson Adult Diapers

McKesson is a leader in the healthcare community. So of course McKesson Diapers are going to be top of the line. Their goal and vision is to consistently be improving healthcare for each product and patient. Each of the adult incontinence diapers created by McKesson are made to do just that. They absorb and keep liquids away from users, are latex-free to protect users and are made to be easily disposed of and unisex.

Factors to Consider


There are many factors that determine what level of absorption you will need. The level of incontinence can vary depending on the condition creating incontinence, other conditions such as diabetes, diet, activity level, etc. Milder cases will not require the excessive bulk and absorption that a more severe case will need. Depending on the needs of the user, choose from Light, Moderate, Heavy, or Ultra (Overnight) levels of absorbency.

The maximum security during the night, consider using an overnight brief, which has the highest level of absorbency. They can also be useful during long days with little bathroom access such as during long meetings, travel or seminars. Overnight briefs offer the highest level of protection, but McKesson Incontinence Briefs offer a variety of absorbency levels for those who need/prefer less bulk, especially during the day.

Pull-Up vs Tabs

Choosing between pull-up underwear-style briefs or diaper style with tabs is a matter of personal preference. However, absorbency levels can also play a factor. The pull-up option usually has light to moderate levels, while tabbed options usually cover the full range of absorbency. However, pull-ups can be an easier adjustment and more familiar of a style for those just starting to deal with incontinence. They are also more discreet, which can lead to greater confidence when out and about.

Tab-style diapers such as the McKesson Adult Briefs Light Absorbency tend to provide more security and reduce the risk of leaks due to a more adjustable fit and higher levels of absorbency. They are often better for those who struggle with mobility as they can be changed without removing pants and shoes, as well as easier for caregivers.

McKesson Tab-Style Incontinence Brief


McKesson knows that it can be difficult to get the right size with generic terms like “Medium” and “Large.” To make it simple, the sizing is listed by waist measurements, so you can always know that you are getting the best and accurate fit.

Fit & Comfort

Sizing is not the only factor that comes into play with finding a comfortable fit. Finding the right size is key to reducing the risk of leaks and spills during use, but making sure they are comfortable should also be considered. Be sure to look at the type of material backing. Many of the McKesson adult briefs have a cloth-like back, which makes them comfortable, looking and feeling like regular underwear.


To avoid the embarrassment of a noticeable diaper in public, you might want to consider wearing a snug (yet comfortable) fit. Bulkier and higher absorbency briefs are typically worn at night in the comfort of your own home. The lighter the absorbency level, the less bulk is visible. This is also another benefit to cloth-like backing that produces less noise and rustling during movement than briefs with more plastic-like material. Often the pull-up options, such as the Protective Underwear Light Absorbency are better for concealment due to having all of these key factors.

McKesson Pull-Up Brief

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