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Freedom Wand Toilet Tissue Aid Device

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Compact Kit: Includes Head, Handle for 14-1/2 Inch Wand, and Carry Bag




Extension Only



Out of Stock

Ultimate Kit: Includes Head, Handle, (2) Extensions for 25-1/2-Inch Wand Length, Strap, and Carry Bag




Master Kit: Includes Head, Handle, Extension for 20-Inch Wand Length, and Carry Bag



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Strap Only



Compact Kit: Includes Head, Handle for 14-1/2 Inch Wand, and Carry Bag - Each


Extension Only - Each


Out of Stock
Ultimate Kit: Includes Head, Handle, (2) Extensions for 25-1/2-Inch Wand Length, Strap, and Carry Bag - Each


Master Kit: Includes Head, Handle, Extension for 20-Inch Wand Length, and Carry Bag - Each


Out of Stock
Strap Only - Each



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Product Overview

The Freedom Wand Personal Hygiene Device is a multi-purpose device to help individuals retain dignity when taking care of personal hygiene and toileting needs. Its loading mechanism creates a versatile assistive device for users with limited mobility and dexterity. The Freedom Wand toilet aid is four tools in one: It easily holds a washcloth or loofah, a shaving razor, an ointment pad, and best of all, toilet tissue or wet wipes.

Manufactured by Freedom Creators, this tool was designed as an essential bathroom and bathing aid for those who should not bend more than 90 degrees or who have hip pain, spinal/back pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder injuries, arthritis, obesity, or complications from diabetes. It is a great hygiene tool to reach those difficult areas for those who experience mobility challenges, have difficulty reaching, or have a limited range of motion. Having access to the Freedom Wand Personal Hygiene Aid reduces stress and adds freedom to the user's life as they take care of their own needs. This adds independence and confidence and most importantly, it allows them to retain dignity. It's also a handy aid for caregivers and medical staff assisting patients.

Choose from three kits to best suit the reaching needs of each user. All FreedomWand Kits come with an instructional DVD, instructional sheet, and carry bag. The unique design, detachable parts, and carry bag add convenience and portability when on the go or traveling.



Availiable Kit Options and Information


The Freedom Wand Compact Kit extends 14-1/2 inches. Using just the wand head provides 7 inches if that is all the reach you need. The head is slightly curved to help with those hard-to-reach places. Adding the handle to extend to 14-1/2 inches is helpful with toileting needs, such as loading toilet paper or an ointment pad. It is also an ideal length when loading a razor.


The Freedom Wand Master Kit extends 20 inches by attaching the extension. This adds a multi-purpose function for longer reaching needs when showering and bathing when adding a loofah.


The Freedom Wand Ultimate Kit is the most popular kit that includes two extensions and a strap to reach 25-1/2 inches. This additional FreedomWand strap provides gripping leverage to help individuals who have limited gripping abilities.



Available Kit Options

How Do You Use the Freedom Wand?

  • Choose the length of reach needed for the desired application.
  • Toilet Paper - use approximately seven sheets, depending on thickness, and create pom-pom look by loosely pinching tissue together with a point at the bottom. Then insert the point of the tissue deep into the open grippers, pushing tissue all the way back to ensure a firm hold.
  • Disposable Razor - a square razor handle design works the best. Insert into the grippers aligning the razor with the curve of the head. Insert razor handle deep into the open grippers and push grippers all the way back so the grippers are barely seen above the wand.
  • Ointment/Medication Applicator - use a triangle makeup applicator or sponge for applying medicated cream or lotion. Cut the sponge if needed to achieve the triangle shape. Insert into the grippers and push grippers all the way back into the wand. This application helps apply medication to the back, toes, and perineal and/or anal region when treating hemorrhoids.
  • Loofah - tie a knot using the rope attached to loofah netting. Depending on the size or thickness of the rope, you may need up to three knots. Insert the knot down into the grippers and pushed back into the wand.
Wand Loading of Razor and Sponge


Product Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Load and Unload
  • Improves Personal Hygiene
  • Features Multiple Lengths
  • Instructional DVD and Sheet
  • Includes a Washable Carry Bag
  • Detachable Parts for Portability
  • Promotes Independence & Confidence
  • Curved Head for Hard-to-Reach Places

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Freedom Creators Inc.
  • Product Numbers: FW-CK001, FW-MK001, FW-IDMK001
  • Accessory Product Numbers: FW-EX001, FW-ST001
  • Reaching Length Options: 7, 14-1/2, 20, 20-1/2 Inches
  • Materials: Thermoplastic Elastomers, ABS & Polycarbonate
  • Application: Personal Hygiene & Tissue Aid
  • Includes Head, Handle, Carry Bag, and Instructions. Master Kit has an additonal Extension and Ultimate Kit has 2 Extensions and Strap

Conditions Making the Toilet Aid Helpful

  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Arthritis
  • Difficulty Reaching
  • Stroke
  • Obesity
  • Spinal or Back Injury

Manuals and Documents

Product Videos


FreedomWand Bath Aid - Demonstration Video (4:01 minutes)



Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Freedom Creators Inc

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