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First Class School Chair Accessories

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FC 2024 First Class School Chair Accessories

Small Dining Tray - Each


FC 2029N First Class School Chair Accessories

Small Legs w/Casters - Pack of 4


FC 2030N First Class School Chair Accessories

Small Anti-Tippers - Pair


FC 4024 First Class School Chair Accessories

Large Dining Tray - Each


FC 4029N First Class School Chair Accessories

Large Legs w/ Casters - Pack of 4


FC 4030N First Class School Chair Accessories

Large Anti-Tippers - Pair


FC 8000N First Class School Chair Accessories

Multi-Axis Headrest - Each


FC 8001 First Class School Chair Accessories

Chair Push Handles - Pair


FC 8025 LN First Class School Chair Accessories

Small Support Kit - Each


FC 8025N First Class School Chair Accessories

Large Support Kit - Each


FC 8027N First Class School Chair Accessories

Hip Guide - Pair


FC 8050N First Class School Chair Accessories

Leg Extension - Each



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The First Class School Chair Accessories are able to add extra accessories for your first class school chair. The additional accessories provide another level of comfort and abilities that the standard options may not be able to offer you or your loved one. The accessories are all fitted to work with the First Class School Chairs by Drive. All accessories are made with the same durable and sturdy design that has been synonymous with the Drive Medical products.

Accessories for the First Class School Chair are easy to maintain, simple household tools that you may already have available could be used to keeping the accessories clean and at proper working condition by removing dirt and grime build-up which may affect the functionality of the accessory and harvest bacteria. These accessories are all securely fastened once they are placed or attached to the school chair; reducing any worries you may have about the stability of the product.

FC 2024 (compatible with the FC 2000N) and FC 4024 (compatible with the FC 4000N) are trays that can be attached to the top of the school chair for play and feeding time. The tray would attach to the armrest and does not require any new holes to be drilled into the chair. The tray would provide a stable and leveled surface and prevent contents within the top of the tray from falling off to the sides as it includes safety lips on the three edges.

FC 2029N and FC 4029N are wheels that attached to the legs of the chair to give it mobility. There are four caster wheels with each set and they attach to the chair with no trouble. The caster wheels are made to glide on hard surfaces and short carpets. For safety purposes, the chair should not operate with anyone on the chair when being pushed on surfaces that cause friction and make it difficult to push. The wheels are attached to adjustable legs with the option of setting a preferred height. The rear wheels are equipped with brakes and anti-tippers for additional safety.

FC 2030N and FC 4030N are anti-tippers for the chair without the inclusion of wheel attachments. They are meant to provide stability and prevent the chair from being tipped backward. Unlike other tippers, this option of anti-tippers spreads out in opposite directions and not precisely behind the chair as others would; this method is best for preventing tipping.

FC 8001 is a pair of push handles that can be used along with the caster wheels to maneuver and push the chair with the ability to control the direction of the chair with ease. The handles are cushioned to provide a soft and pleasant feel for the caregiver. The foam-type grips allow for an ergonomic feel and natural grasp on the handles.

FC 8027N is a Hip Guide for First Class School Chairs. It works with the FC 2000N and FC 4000N models. The hip guide can be adjusted by width and depth to provide the most optimal position. The hip guides are best suited for people who are aware of constant adduction occurrence and are needing a fix to adjust themselves properly.

FC 8000N is a headrest accessory for the chair. With easy installation, the addition of the headrest will offer the user support and ease neck pains. The headrest is set from 4.5 inches and can be raised up to 8 inches in total height for taller users. The headrest is easy to wipe clean and maintain. A footrest option is also available.

FC 8025 LN and the FC 8025N are combined kits that include the Trunk Harness, Abductor, and Lateral Supports. The kit is offered in two size options: small and large.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Compatible Accessories
  • Made with the Same Durable Standards as All Other Products
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Securely Fastened Accessories
  • Offered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Drive Medical
  • Product Numbers: FC 2024, FC 2029N, FC 2030N, FC 4024, FC 4029N, FC 4030N, FC 8000N, FC 8001, FC 8025 LN, FC 8025N, FC 8027N
  • Primary Material: Vinyl / Aluminum / Metal

Additional Documents

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including diisononyl phthalate (DINP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Drive Medical

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