Donation Shopping

Make a difference every time you shop at Vitality Medical! When you buy at Vitality Medical, we will donate a percentage of the purchase price to a charity you select. Help make the world a better place and never pay more than the original purchase price. Make a positive impact just by shopping! Every time you shop at Vitality Medical, you can also contribute toward funding charitable organizations that help combat poverty and disease, improve living conditions, promote better health, support education, arts, culture, or humanities — it's giving without hurting your wallet.

How Does Charity Shopping Work?

Vitality Medical will donate 10% on your behalf. Just insert the code associated with your charity of choice. Listed below are serveral participating charities. When you checkout, just insert the code associated with the charity of your choice into the coupon code field to activate a donation on your behalf. Each time you purchase, you can select a different charity for a donation. Or, you can select the same charity each time. Vitality Medical will make the donation-with-purchase. Create a positive social impact by connecting your purchase with a charity every time you shop.

Cause Marketing

List your non-profit charity with Vitality Medical’s Cause Marketing Program by emailing [email protected] When consumers checkout, they have the opportunity to select your charity for a donation.

*Please note that due to some manufacturer restrictions, some products may not qualify*

Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation

Donate 10% of the sale to Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema by using the code NFLF10

Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with the purpose of helping those struggling with lymphedema. Amy Rivera, the founder, also has lymphdema and created this organization to help those suffering from this condition. By using the code NFLF10 when you checkout, we will take 10% of the sale and donate to Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema to assist Amy in her journey to give back to those with lymphedema.

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