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Coban Tape

Coban is a Non-Adhesive Tape and a Self-Adherent Wrap manufactured by 3M. With more than 40 years of service, Coban is used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and homecare to secure medical devices to a patient, secure dressings, reduce edema, reduce post-operative swelling, immobilize splints and to immobilize strains. Coban Dressings are used as a Compression Dressing, Unna Boot Dressing, and Elastic Tape. 3M Coban Tape is a cohesive wrap that is comfortable for patients. Coban Wrap sticks to itself but not to hair, skin or clothing. Although Coban looks like a tape product, Coban does not have any added adhesive material. The cohesive property of Coban, rather than having sticky adhesive material, allows Coban to be easy to apply and easy to remove from the patient. Click on the link below to view features and benefits of 3M Coban Bandage Wrap.

Coban is an Elastic Tape that functions like a Self-Adherent Wrap, but sticks only to itself. Manufactured with a laminate of non-woven material and elastic fibers placed lengthwise to provide elasticity, Coban Elastic Tape contains a cohesive material that makes it stick to itself but not to other materials or skin.The material in Coban allows this bandage tap to serve well as a Compression Dressing, Unna Boot Dressing or as a Non-Adhesive Tape. 3M Coban is available in multiple widths, multiple colors, sterile and non-sterile options, latex and non-latex options,and in a 2-layer option to meet your application needs.

Coban Wrap Features & Benefits

  • Secures dressings, IV's, and other devices.
  • Serves as a light Compression Dressing to reduce edema and swelling.
  • Serves as a Post-operative Wrap.
  • Immobilizes strains and sprains.
  • Positions limbs for operating room procedures.
  • Provides over wrap for splints, bivalve and univalve casts.
  • Non-slipping so there is no need for frequent readjustment.
  • Non-Adhesive Tape sticks to itself without need for adhesive, pins or clips for fast and easy application.
  • Lightweight, porous material allows for skin to breathe and provides a comfortable wrap for patients.
  • Protects primary dressings from contamination.
  • Desired amount of compression at time of application.

Coban Suggested Applications

  • Wrapping splints and arm boards
  • Compression dressings.
  • Overwrap for Unna Boots.
  • Securing dressings.
  • Securing I.V.'s and other medical devices.
  • Wrapping for post-operative surgery.
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