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Cardinal Health NPWT PRO Therapy Device - 6708888

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NPWT PRO Device ONLY - Each
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The Cardinal Health NPWT PRO Therapy Device vacuums fluid to promote faster wound healing for patients treated with chronic and acute wounds, partial-thickness burns, and ulcers. The device provides controlled suctioning using its continuous or intermittent mode to effectively remove exudate, body fluids, and infectious materials. The pressure setting is established by a healthcare professional and patients should not change dressing unless directed to by caregiver. This NPWT PRO model is used in a professional medical setting and the PRO to Go version is to transition the patient after being discharged from care so that the patient can continue with therapy.

The PRO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System requires a collection canister and hydrophilic and/or hydrophobic foam dressings specifically designed for this device. The Cardinal NPWT dressing consumables and replacement parts, including polyurethane drape and dressings, are also found at Vitality Medical.

Easy User Interface Features




Using its simple interface, the PRO NPWT System is turned on with a green ON Button and the pressure setting is selected with the up and down arrows. The interface indicates with a light if it's plugged in and charging the battery. A number alert is also provided if the battery is low, the canister is full, or the pressure is low, which may indicate if a dressing isn't properly sealed. Negative pressure therapy for wound healing can be performed with the device plugged in to keep the battery charged or it can be unplugged when the patient needs to be mobile. Its ultra-lightweight design makes it easy to carry with the patient. And the quiet operation aids in comfortable therapy sessions. Dressings must be changed every 48 to 72 hours, and more frequently if it's an infected wound. Dressings may also need to be changed if therapy stops before the 22-hour therapy duration.

Changing the Canister

  1. Apply the clamp on the tubing to close tubing.
  2. Press the OFF button.
  3. Remove the blue tapered connector located at the top of the canister to allow the canister to release.
  4. Use the canister release button above the canister and hold the canister and pull downward.
  5. Cap the canister and dispose of it per facility protocols.
  6. New canister slides upwards into canister holder. Make sure canister aligns to hear a click which indicates it is in place.
  7. Reconnect the tubing to the canister and twist the blue tapered connector on the open port for a sure seal.
  8. Reopen the tubing clamp.
  9. Press the green ON button.

Foam Dressing Application

  1. First, cleanse and debride the wound.
  2. Examine the wound to ensure the dressing isn't placed over exposed blood vessels or delicate tissue.
  3. Clean the skin around the wound to prepare the skin for the polyurethane drape application.
  4. Measure the wound to select the best foam dressing size.
  5. Cut the black foam dressing to fit the entire wound base.
  6. The black foam should elevate over the skin level. Since you can't pack the wound, deeper wounds will require stacking multiple dressings.
  7. When the wound needs extra protection due to a bone protrusion, use a white dressing underneath the black foam dressing.
  8. Remove the polyurethane drape from the package and trim it so it leaves a 3-5 cm border.
  9. Using Tab A on the drape, remove the release liner. Invert and place over the foam and remove Tab B and C.
  10. Remove the remaining perforated tab and gently press drape material around the wound to create a seal.
  11. Cut a 1 cm hole at the top of the drape.
  12. Remove tubing from the dressing kit and peel away adhesive attached to the SpeedConnect tubing and place it into the hole created.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-Use PRO Interface
  • Low Care and Maintenance
  • Lightweight for Mobility
  • Accessible Manufacture OEM Consumables
  • Ultra-Quiet During Operation
  • Long Battery Life
  • Therapy Promotes Faster Healing
  • Alerts Provided to Ensure Therapy

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cardinal Health
  • Product Number: 6708888
  • Device Dimensions: 7.6 x 4.4 x 2.8 Inches
  • Weight .9 Pound
  • Pressure Settings: -50, -75, -100, -125, -150 mmHg
  • Battery Life When Fully Charged: 24 Hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Electrical Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.5 AMP Max
  • Electrical Output: 5 VDC, 1 AMP
  • Battery Charging: AC Power Adapter


  • Adult patients with chronic, acute, partial-thickness burns, diabetic and pressure ulcers, and skin grafts and flaps.


  • Do not use on patients with malignancy in the wound, untreated osteomyelitis, unexplored fistulas, and when necrotic tissue when eschar is present.
  • Do not use on infants and pediatric patients.
  • Do not use on individuals at risk for hemorrhage.

NPWT Device Care & Cleaning

Disconnect the unit from the patient and the power source before cleaning. Clean with a diluted solution of one quart of water with a teaspoon of bleach. Damp a cloth and wipe down the surface and AC adapter cord and wipe with a dry cloth to remove any bleach residue. It is important to inspect any parts and replace them as needed.

Manuals and Documents


Product Videos


Cardinal Health NPWT Foam Dressing Application Video (3:33 minutes)

Cardinal Health Briding and Y Connector Techniques Video (3:36 minutes)



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