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Updated: January 10, 2022



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How the Pandemic Is Impacting Shipping

In the earlier months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world and caused all kinds of problems, from public health risks to economic downfalls. There were sudden procedural changes within shipping ports and multinational delivery services across the world. Many of these changes were uncoordinated and sudden, causing delays, interferences, and issues with turnaround. These problems also stem from a lack of shipping containers and workers as well as ongoing changes due to lockdown procedures. These circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic have resulted in issues with shipping time and cost.


Shipping Delays

The pandemic has resulted in shipping delays at every level of the supply chain. Global consumers have redirected much of what they once spent at restaurants and movie theaters to the online market. Much of the global economy has shifted online, and manufacturers have had a difficult time adjusting to this abrupt spending shift.

Shipping Costs

On top of shipping delays, shipping costs have increased dramatically across the board. There is a shortage of containers on the water and, even for domestic services, a shortage of drivers and workers and a lack of carriers to fulfill each order in a timely manner. These issues have resulted in higher fleet costs.


How L.A.'s Container Ship Logjam Highlights Larger Pandemic Supply-Chain Issues (5:45 minutes)


When Will Freight Rates and Shipping Prices Go Down?

We're all wondering when this is going to end. Professionals in the industry estimate that these high prices and shipping delays will start to subside sometime in 2021. As we continue to take precautions, get vaccinated, and reduce the spread of the virus through social distancing, we are seeing reassuring results on an international scale. The current situation has led to various improvements in the shipping industry, and we hope it will keep improving as we continue to be patient. Once we nip this pandemic in the bud, we can expect freight rates and shipping prices to go back to normal.


What Vitality Medical Is Doing About It

We at Vitality Medical value our customers and strive to deliver the best services we can. We know that shipping delays and the current cost of shipping can be very frustrating. Though we don't have any control over the current shipping circumstances, we are doing our best to keep you informed of the situation and set realistic expectations. This includes keeping our availability up to date, prioritizing honesty and dependability, and communicating with you every step of the way.


Keeping Our Availability Up to Date

We make a conscious effort to keep our site and products up to date with each piece of information as it becomes available to us. This includes a concerted effort to keep our product stock and availability up to date so that you can rely on us.


Prioritizing Honesty and Dependability

As a loyal customer, you deserve to know exactly what's going on with your orders. The Vitality Medical team is devoted to being honest and dependable in every way that we can. In times like these, we believe it's important to work with companies you can trust, and we strive to be that company for you.


Communicating Every Step of the Way

Here at Vitality Medical, we aim to communicate every bit of information about our products, delivery times, and events that may impact your experience. Follow us on Facebook or reach out to our customer service line at 800-397-5899 for answers to your questions.


Things You Can Do to Prepare and Plan Accordingly

Order products in advance: The current situation has made it more difficult to anticipate delivery times. We know how important it is to receive products when you need them. We urge you to order products in advance to avoid the headache that the current shipping situation is causing.

Contact us for stock information: We urge you to reach out to our customer service professionals at 800-397-5899 with any questions related to stock and availability. Our products are experiencing frequent changes in availability and we want to give you the latest information to keep you prepared and satisfied.

Continue to be patient: Let's be honest: This has been a frustrating and difficult year. None of us have much control when it comes to these issues created by the pandemic. What we can control is how we handle it. The Vitality Medical team is dedicated to making this as frustration-free as possible as our loyal customers continue to be patient.