3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream (3.25 oz, 2 gr. 1 oz)

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Product Highlights

  • Soothes dry skin
  • Will not impact brief absorbency
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Protects vulnerable skin from incontinence moisture
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Returns
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3353 2 Gram Packet Each
3353 2 Gram Packet Box of 20
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3353 2 Gram Packet Case of 240
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3354 1 Ounce Tube Each
3354 1 Ounce Tube Case of 48
$2.63 ea
3355 3.25 Ounce Tube Each
3355 3.25 Ounce Tube Case of 12
$5.88 ea
3M 3355 Cavilon 3.25 oz. Durable Barrier Cream Tube
3m Cavilon Durable Barrier Creams 3M 3353 Cavilon 2 gram Durable Barrier Cream Packet 3M 3355 Cavilon 3.25 oz. Durable Barrier Cream Tube 3M 3354 Cavilon 1 oz. Durable Barrier Cream Tube


3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream protects at-risk skin from moisture that comes with incontinence. Its unique formula allows it to 'vanish' into the skin, without interfering with the adhesion of tapes or dressings, all while still providing superior performance.

Tests show that 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream stays put, with only about 36 percent transferring to incontinent briefs. The testing also found that having the paste on the lining of the undergarment did not inhibit the absorption of moisture.

Important Information Regarding 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream

This product is hypoallergenic and is latex-free to provide maximum comfort when used as intended. Applying it on a set schedule, such as twice per day, usually offers adequate protection.

Indications for Use

  • Protection for Skin That is 'At-Risk' for Damage Due to Incontinence
  • Protects Healthy Skin from Becoming Damaged by Chronic Incontinence
  • Helps Remoisturize Skin that is Extremely Dry

Contraindications for Cavilon Cream

  • Do not use Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream on:
  • Skin that is Broken or Infected
  • Areas Treated with Other Barrier Type Products or Creams
  • Skin with Serious Burns

Precautions When Using This Product

  • 3M Cavilon Cream Sometimes Makes the Adhesion of Some Tapes and Dressings Stronger
  • Do Not Use the Product on Delicate or Sensitive Skin Where Dressings and Tapes Are Present
2 Gram Packet

Uses for Cavilon Barrier Cream

  • Moisture Barrier for Incontinence
  • Protection Against Chapping and Chaffing of the Buttocks
  • Moisturizing Dry Skin of the Buttocks
  • Safe for All Ages, Including Infants and the Elderly

How to Apply

  • Wear Gloves
  • Clean and Dry Skin
  • Squeeze a Small Pea-Sized Amount for Hands
  • For Incontinence Use an Amount About the Size of a US Quarter
  • Spread over the Affected Area
  • Add Another Pea-Sized Amount if Needed
  • Repeat After Every Third Incontinence Change
  • Apply Daily to Revitalize Skin
  • If the Skin Appears Greasy or Oily, You Have Used Too Much


  • Do Not Take Internally
  • Keep Away from Eyes
  • Discontinue Using if the Condition Gets Worse
  • Do Not Use On Symptoms for More Than Seven Consecutive Days
  • Store Where Children Cannot Reach
3.25 Ounce Tube

Product Features and Benefits

  • Skin Protectant
  • Moisturizes Dry Skin
  • Does Not Clog Pores of Incontinence Briefs
  • Breathable
  • Does Not Interfere with Tape and Dressing Adhesion

Product Specifications

  • Product Number(s): 3353 (2 Gram Pack), 3354 (1 Oz Tube), 3355 (3.25 Oz Tube)
  • Manufacturer: 3M Corporation
  • Brand Name: Cavilon
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex Indications: Latex-Free



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Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream | Application Video (3:37 minutes)



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