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  1. Quad Cane Small Base with Tab Loc Silencer and Triangular Padded Hand Grip
    Good quality product worth the price.
    Cane is sturdy, easy to adjust and and quiet.
    (Review by Farmgirl)
  2. Heavy Duty Quad Cane Large Base with Comfortable Vinyl Contoured Hand Grip
    Very satisfactory.
    I am currently transitioning from a walker to your cane in rehab and find that ,while it a slow process, the very stable quad base makes the the progress go
    (Review by Ralph Conrad)
  3. Invacare Quad Cane
    Good product, great price..
    Very satisfied with the Quad Cane. The base is a bit smaller than expected but is not inconvenient. I did think the delivery was a bit on the slow side.
    (Review by Donny)
  4. Invacare Quad Cane
    The Quad Cane Holds Me up Review.
    It was so hard trying to find one that would actually hold my weight. I am not a small person and walking is really hard since the surgery. But now
    (Review by Chris)

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