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  1. Invacare Quad Cane
    The Quad Cane Holds Me up Review.
    It was so hard trying to find one that would actually hold my weight. I am not a small person and walking is really hard since the surgery. But now
    (Review by Chris)
  2. Invacare Quad Cane
    very sturdy
    (Review by may)
  3. Invacare Quad Cane
    Good product, great price..
    Very satisfied with the Quad Cane. The base is a bit smaller than expected but is not inconvenient. I did think the delivery was a bit on the slow side.
    (Review by Donny)
  4. Invacare Quad Cane
    Very satisfied..
    Very satisfied with the quad cane. Easily adjustable.
    (Review by Pepita)

Quad Cane | Small Base Large Base Quad Cane & More!

Quad Canes

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    Quad canes are unique in that they provide a broad base to a walking cane. Quad canes deliver, as their name implies, four points of contact to the ground. Not only does this give the user a higher degree of vertical support, it also keeps the base from slipping and the user has the option of releasing the cane without worrying the cane will fall over on its side. Quad canes come in varying heights and materials that allow the user convenient daily use and endures regular wear and tear. Vitality Medical offers reputable brand names of quad canes as a great resource for our customers who depend on cane assisted mobility.

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    Uses for Quad Canes:

    • To give more stability to a walking cane for those who need more assistance with balance and strength
    • To tread over uneven ground without sinking in
    • To add more traction to the base because of the four points of contact
    • To support more weight on the lead leg