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  1. Inogen G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental Bundle
    Works Great.
    I rented this machine for a short vacation. It worked great. The batteries last a long time.
    (Review by Lora)
  2. Inogen G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental Bundle
    Oxygen Rental Went Smoothly.
    My rental went pretty smoothly. I would do it again in the future.
    (Review by Anne)

Oxygen Concentrator Rentals & More!

Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

  1. AirSep (3)
  1. Inogen (1)
  1. Respironics (2)
  1. SeQual (2)

    Oxygen Concentrators are vital medical supplies for many people. Due to the high cost of purchasing an Oxygen Concentrator, people may choose an Oxygen Rental first to see if they are going to like it.

    Another reason to rent an oxygen concentrator would be vacations. If you are going on a vacation where you cannot take your home oxygen concentrator, but still need oxygen, you can rent a portable oxygen concentrator to take on the plane, boat, RV or car. Vitality Medical currently rents both Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose oxygen machines.

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    Our rental program is designed to help those who will not need an oxygen concentrator long-term. To purchase an oxygen concentrator, see our Portable Oxygen Concentrator or Home Oxygen Concentrator page.

    Vitality Medical offers a Inogen G3 Rental, a SimplyGo Rental, the Airsep Focus Rental, the Freestyle 5 Rental, the Freestyle 3 Rental, the Integra 10 Rental, Eclipse 3 Rental and the Everflo Q Rental Bundles.