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iWalkFree Crutch

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iWalkFree Crutch

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iWALKFree Crutch is a revolutionary hands free crutch designed to meet the mobility needs of people with non-weight bearing lower leg injuries.
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iWalkFree 2.0 Crutch




iWalkFree Knee Walker Crutch is now named the iWalkFree 2.0 and is designed to meet the Mobility needs of people with non-weight bearing lower leg injuries. The iWALKFree is a revolutionary crutch designed for people who desire to have their hands free while walking. This hands free crutch can handle some types of athletic activity like sports (consult with an accredited physiotherapists or orthopedic technologist before engaging in any physical exertion). The iWALKFree handsfree crutch is comfortable, easy to put on, take off, and adjust. People are able to quickly adapt and adjust to walking with the iWALKFree Crutch.

iWalkFree 2.0 is an alternative to traditional Crutches, allowing its users the following advantageous:

  • self-sufficiency through the full use of their arms and hands.
  • the opportunity to take an active part in their lives and their rehabilitation.
iWalkFree Alternative Cructh

This Knee Crutch supports the knee and upper leg using a universal, ambidextrous fastening system that allows for almost any adjustment for user height and leg size. The iWALKFree Crutch supports the knee and upper leg using a universal, ambidextrous fastening system that allows for almost any adjustment for user height and leg size. An alternative to traditional crutches, allowing its users the following benefits:

  • Self-sufficiency through the full use of arms and hands.
  • Opportunity to be more active in their lives.
  • Increased role in self-rehabilitation.
  • Improved level of mobility and freedom.
  • Knee Walking Crutch for hands free walking.

The Knee Walker Crutch device supports the knee and upper leg using a universal, ambidextrous fastening system that allows for almost any adjustment for user height and leg size. Injuries, trauma, and circulation issues of the lower leg, ankle, or foot are typically managed through the use of forearm, underarm or platform crutches, canes, or wheelchairs. While these devices allow users some mobility, they all require the arms and hands, further handicapping the user. In other words, a disability to the legs creates a handicap to the arms and hands when using traditional style crutches. The iWalkfree 2 Crutch allows many injured people to continue playing with kids, getting up and down stairs, exercising, using the phone, going shopping, and other day-to-day activities. As a knee crutch, the user retains more lower and upper mobility to participate in key events such as weddings, receptions, socials and other special events. Now, with iWALKFree Knee Crutch, you don't have to miss out on any of your daily activities.

iWalkFree Alternative Cructh

iWalkFree Knee Walker Crutch Product Features & Benefits

  • Serves people with injuries to the foot, ankle, or lower leg.
  • Improved mobility while freeing the hands and arms.
  • Helps to improve motor function.
  • Easily converts to right or left leg.
  • Improved personal esteem through management of daily affairs.
  • Potential for decrease in loss of bone density.
  • Improved personal esteem through management of daily activities.
  • Potential for reduction in muscle atrophy & muscle strength.
  • Improved prospects for coping and well-being.
  • Potential for shortened rehabilitation time.
  • Improved ability to exercise.
  • Improved personal safety.
  • Quick and easy to put on or take off.
  • Tool free adjustments.

iWalkFree Knee Crutch Specifications

  • iWalk Knee Walking Crutch Product Number: 82000 replaced by HFC20001BK.
  • Adjustable Sizing.
  • Fits Height Range: 4'10"' to 6'6"
  • Max Leg (Thigh) Circumference: 27"
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds.
  • Knee Bend Angle: 90 degrees.
  • Non-toxic, non-alergenic materials.
  • FDA and CE registered medical device.
  • Manufacturer: iWalkFree Inc.
  • Brand: iWalk 2.0.
  • iWalkFree Crutch Warranty: 1 year limited.

iWalkFree 2.0 Crutch Additional Information

iWalkFree Hands Free Crutch Video Tutorials

iWalkFree Crutch Introduction Video (2:21 minutes)

iWalkFree 2.0 Crutch Features and Use Video (4:15 minutes)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer iWalkFree
Sub Brand N/A
Ships Free No

Top Rated Customer Reviews - See All Reviews

useful alternative to standard crutches, could use a few design tweaks
I have a ruptured achillies and have to keep weight off right foot for around 8 weeks. Standard crutches turn you into a functional paraplegic, occupying both your hands, making it tough to do much of anything (like cook, get groceries etc). this device is very definitely has a place in one's arsenal in that it allows for movement without occupying your hands. I don't find it very comfortable for all day use and is less efficient than crutches if you have to get up and down often due to the time required to take off and put on. when walking with it you have to splay your bad leg with the Iwalk out to the side, due to the fact it feels like it is rolling under you if you try to walk more vertically (ie naturally). this could have been addressed in its design by being able to offset the foot pad about 1.5" to the right or left depending on which leg it is used. The Iwalk would be much easier to get on and off if quick release latches had been used instead of the ratcheting straps. being able to adjust the straps once, then snap them into place would save much aggravation over a few days use. all in all, the Iwalk vastly improves your ability to operate independently when you have a temporary loss of use of a foot.
Product Rating
Review by JLaser / (Posted on 5/13/2013)
Not pleased
Facing many weeks on crutches due to Achilles tendon surgery I had high hopes for an alternative to crutches, unfortunately, I found it extremely clumsy and unwieldly. I am 5'' 6" and the "leg" beam was way too long for me. I suggest the beam be redesigned to be adjustable in height much like a crutch is. The thigh and calf straps need to be less bulky and cumbersome. They protrude too much and the calf strap BARELY fit around my cast...and I am NOT a big man with big calfs. Also, the position of my leg on the knee platform put tension on my tendon surgery and that is something I am to avoid at all costs. I have retuned it and am awaiting confirmation of the return from Vitality Medical. So far, I am pleased with VM cust. service. I am expecting a full refund of my purchase price minus $20. per Cust.Serv.
Thank you
Ricardo Sanchez
Product Rating
Review by Huh? / (Posted on 4/14/2011)
IWalkfree Crutchless Walker is a must have for ease of movemement
Bought the crutchless walker to ease my movement around the house in my post recovery non-weight bearing restrictions. Since I could not do the things I needed to do with my hands when moving around, I read about this unit and thought to give it a try. I'm glad I did. I practiced with it for about a week and a half, and felt confident once it was time to use it after my surgery. It does take soe getting use to it. Watch the videos, they really help. I found all of them on Youtube. This is also a well designed system. I weigh 250lbs and it holds me with no buckling or unsafe feeling. Read about it first before ordering,..this thing is expensive. Vitalitymedical gave me the best deal I could have got anywhere.
Product Rating
Review by Cole / (Posted on 1/14/2012)
Highly Recommend
I needed something better than standard crutches. As you know, with traditional crutches you can't carry anything, your hands get sore, your armpits get sore, etc. The iWalkFree is very difficult to get used to, it's awkward, it's uncomfortable, BUT .... IT WORKS, and it's worth it! Just take your time getting used to it. I was so happy just being able to get my own cup of coffee at the office. And my wife was happy when I could finally put my dishes in the sink.
Product Rating
Review by PegLeg / (Posted on 9/7/2012)
It's an awesome product!
I had Achilles tendon repair surgery and had to carry ankle-to knee cast for 6 weeks. I went to Mediterranean cruise in the middle of this period and was able to travel and walk, and attend wonderful places in 8 European cities thanks to this crutch. I even regularly attended gym. The underarm crutches are a complete junk in comparison with the iWalkFree. I also tried knee scooter – nothing close to convenience and flexibility that iWalkFree provided. The managers in 2 local medical supply stores that I attended were surprised and expressed intentions to order iWalkFree – so I gave them VitalityMedical contact information. My weight is 180 lb. I had been a little worried whether iWalkFree would withstand my long walks during the travel. No problems! My iWalkFree is ready for next leg.
Side effects: it made me famous among cruise ship passengers.
Advice: a simple cane in the hand opposite to injured leg will help during long walks on the iWalkFree.
Product Rating
Review by Ark / (Posted on 12/14/2012)

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