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Coflex | Coflex Bandage - Andover CoFlex Bandage - Coflex Wrap - Coflex Tape - Cohesive Elastic Wrap - Vet Wrap


Coflex Cohesive Bandages

Coflex is a cohesive bandage wrapping tape that is used to secure, protect and compress. Known as Coflex Tape and as Coflex Wrap, this Non-Adhesive Tape provides great flexibility for multiple applications in medical wrapping and bandaging. Coflex is manufactured by Andover and does not stick to the skin but sticks to itself to provide a secure wrapping bandage. Co-flex Wrap is an elastic bandage that is often used as a Compression Bandage. Used by hospitals to secure, protect, compress and support, Coflex tape is available in multiple colors and in two tensile strengths--8 pounds and 19 pounds. Coflex tape is also a popular bandage for nursing homes, sports teams veterinarian VetWrap and homecare because of its durability and strength. Coflex Elastic Bandage is available in several options: latex or latex free, superior adhesion or easy tear, multiple width sizes, multiple colors, and the popular Coflex Foam Bandage.

Coflex Wrap from Andover offers controlled compression that will not constrict over time. This lightweight bandage wrap is breathable and comfortable for the patient. Vitality Medical carries the standard Coflex Tape - Cohesive Bandage, the Coflex NL Non-Latex Bandage, and the Coflex LF2 Foam Bandage. Click on the link below to see features and benefits for Co-flex Bandages as well as a chart displaying the various Coflex Tape Bandage options.

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Featured Coflex Products

COFLEX Tape Bandage Wrap by Andover


Coflex is an economical bandage used when lightweight compression is required. Coflex compression bandage wrap adheres to itself, with no clips or fasteners needed. Learn More
COFLEX NL Bandage Wrap Latex Free


CoFlex NL is a LATEX FREE, hand-tear, self-adhering, non-slip bandage. It is soft enough for use on the most sensitive skin, yet strong enough to provide consistent compr Learn More
COFLEX LF2 Foam Bandage Non Latex by Andover


CoFlex LF2 is a LATEX FREE FOAM cohesive bandage that absorbs and delivers long-lasting cohesive bond and is unaffected by water which allows it to stick and hold wet dressings in place. Learn More

Other Top Selling Coflex Products

COFLEX Med Hand Tear

Coflex Med Hand Tear Elastic Medical Tape is a brand of Coflex, manufactured by Andover. This self adhesive bandage will not stick to skin or hair. Coflex Med wraps are tear off where needed. Learn More
Unna Boot with Zinc and Compression Bandage Kit


CoFlex Bandage Unna Boot Wrap with Zinc manufactured by Andover are all inclusive unna boot kits that include not only the medicated zinc foam, but also a compression dressing to keep it in place. Learn More
Unna Boot with Calamine and Compression Bandage Kit


Unna boots with calamine by Andover are unna boot dressings that are part of a complete compression bandage kit. This Unna Dressing is a perfect no maintenance, healing wrap. The Andover Unna Boot is made from soft, conforming foam. Learn More
COFLEX Med Hand Tear Sterile

Coflex med Sterile hand tear elastic medical tape is a brand of Coflex. These elastic tapes are self adhesive and bandages that will not stick to skin or hair. These wraps are unique. Learn More


Coflex TLC elastic compression bandage, manufactured by Andover, are two layer compression bandaging systems that are ideal for patients that require both an absorptive dressing. Learn More

Coflex AFD manufactured by Andover are all in one bandage dressings. These foam wound dressings are supported by a cohesive bandage wrap that contains a waterproof outer film layer. Learn More


Coflex TLC Lite, manufactured by Andover, is a compression bandaging system designed for use by patients with fragile or sensitive skin. These compression bandages contain a foam absorptive layer. Learn More


CoFlex UMAFD, manufactured by Andover, is an all in one wound packing foam and bandage. These bandaging systems are ideal for EMT and military applications. Learn More