Cane Tips | Rubber Cane Tips - Quad Cane Tips - Cane Tips For Ice

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  1. Ice Grip Cane or Crutch Tip Attachment 5 Prong
    Ice Grip Cane Top.
    This ice grip is so easy to attach when needed and to remove when the snow melts. The steel spikes give great traction.
    (Review by Wilbert)
  2. Cane Tips by Carex
    Carex Cane Tips.
    Great product. They are impossible to find locally. I like being able to order a large package.
    (Review by GCP)
  3. Invacare Cane Tips
    good product.
    Good price for cane tips
    (Review by Hal)
  4. Able Tripod Cane Base
    A great problem solver!.
    I purchased this item for my Mom , whose cane is forever falling on the floor. She was initially reluctant and thought the tripod base would be too heavy and
    (Review by Wolfie)

Cane Tips | Rubber Cane Tips - Quad Cane Tips - Cane Tips For Ice & More!

Cane Tips


Cane tips are an integral part of the cane in that they provide the needed grip and traction for the user to get around. The bottom of the cane will inevitably wear out and need replacement. Vitality Medical offers a variety of cane tips for replacement or for upgrading the cane to get a better grip while walking. They are available through a variety of different brands and will fit a number of different cane designs including walking canes, quad canes, and walkers. Vitality Medical is proud to offer durable cane tips as a resource for our customers.

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Cane Tips Patient Applications

Use Tripod Cane Base Tips for:

  • Adding a greater grip area at the bottom of the cane
  • Keeps the cane from falling and will self-stand
  • Walking over uneven ground like sand of soft ground

Use Ice Grip Cane Attachments for:
  • Getting a good bite into the ground surface when there is a layer of frost or ice
  • Preventing falls by gouging into the ground surface