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  1. Coloplast Hex On Odor Antagonist
    It works to REMOVE odors not cover them up..
    I was introduced to this product while in hospital for heart surgery. Brought the partial bottle home, checked the manufacturer and found where to purchase on-line. It is by far
    (Review by Junebug)
  2. CarraScent Odor Eliminator
    More confidence!.
    I guess anyone would agree with me that when it comes to biological odor, women have more difficulties. As being a woman and heavy sweater at the same time it
    (Review by Elizabeth)
  3. Medi Aire Biological Odor Eliminator
    excellent experience with ordering through your company; shipped quickly; intact;..
    no issues or problems with shipping or payment; excellent company to deal with.
    (Review by Ann)
  4. PeriGiene Anticicrobial No-rinse Perineal Cleanser
    PeriGiene Cleanser.
    Great for cleaning down under, if you know what I mean. I do the handy spray bottle version but but the large jug to refill. Saves $.
    (Review by Freddy)

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