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Cunningham Clamp by BARD

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Cunningham Clamp by BARD

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The Cunningham Penile Clamp is an effective device to help control male urinary incontinence. This simple male incontinence product/device has helped thousands of men cope wit
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The Cunningham Penile Clamp is an effective device to help control male urinary incontinence. This simple male incontinence product/device has helped thousands of men cope with the dribbling and incontinent side effects secondary to prostate cancer, stroke, and other urinary problems.

The Cunningham Clamp is a hinged, stainless steel frame supporting two foam rubber pads, and a locking device. The user places the penis between the two foam pads and the hinged clamp is squeezed shut. The lower foam pad on the Cunningham Clamp has an inverted "V" which presses against the underside of the penis exerting a closing pressure on the urethra, which is close to the bottom of the penis. The clamping mechanism has five separate settings to control male incontinence. This permits the user to achieve the proper amount of pressure with the Cunningham Clamp to prevent urine leakage without discomfort. The Cunningham Clamp is reusable and sized by penis circumference (not length).

To urinate simply release the clamp and spontaneously urinate, or if you self-cath, release the clamp and follow your normal self-cath procedure. After completion, replace the clamp to control dribbling. Many users buy two or three Cunningham Clamps. One to wear while washing the other, and a spare just in case you lose one. The Cunningham Clamp may be worn throughout the day releasing in between urinations.
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Additional Information

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Works Like a Charm
A few caveats: follow the measurement instructions and get the right size; wear a TEVA pad, which has "wings" to keep the clamp from touching your skin; clean it every day; bend the clamp slightly if you need more or less pressure (I just use the first notch setting) or if you get a slight stinging from it being too tight.

2 years after prostrate removal, I was going through 3-4 heavy pads a day, and all the urologist offered was another operation, which was a poor opiton, after you looked at the marginal success rate, and high percentage of people who had to have the operation repeated after 5-10 years. So I stumbled over the idea of a clamp when looking at the literature regarding other options, and was very annoyed that the urologist had never mentioned it. I can now wear just one pad all day, stay dry and feel comfortable, and go back to my normal bathroom schedule. Also works fine under a bathing suit: I wear a pair of jockey underwear under my suit, which has a support net built in, and nothing is noticeable.

I've been using the clamp for 6 months, and plan on using a clamp for the next 20 years - I don't find it to be much of an inconvenience, and it sure beats wet pads or another operation that really isn't ready for prime time.
Product Rating
Review by Finally / (Posted on 10/10/2013)
And outstanding product for me
I hav been using this product for years and years and love it! I take a new clamp and only wear it in the house until I have bent the clamp a little each two or so hours so that it fits and feels just right and and will not leak.In about 3/4 of a day and I have it adjusted to fit perfedt so it feels good and does not leak. It will leak just a little once in a while so I ware a Depends Guards in my Jockey shorts to pick up any leaks. Late in the day may then use another Depends Guard according to how much i leaked durning the day. You do have to center the Clamp just right and it takes practive to center it on corectly. I make sure I have two clamps always "ready to use". I follow instructions on how to keep clean.
I can stand at a urinal in a mens public restroom and know I can put it back on by just pressing down on the clamp until until it connects. I also like this clamp bedause when I go to bed I take it off and place it back on durning the night to use the urinal. Get back in bed and take it off again. This is a wonderful product, perject for me and Vitality Medical has the best of prices! Del
Product Rating
Review by Bard Cunningham Clamp / (Posted on 6/30/2012)
The Way It Should Be Contructed
The clamp does work well, however, it should be designed in a circular shape, which will prevent it from catching on clothing and interfering with comfort, because it is like wearing a miniature oxen collar. It gets caught on things and makes it difficult, when you want to urinate and try to find it and get it out.
, while you are at the urinal. Perhaps your R&D Department can come up with the design, which I am suggesting.
Product Rating
Review by Bill / (Posted on 11/30/2011)
I could not live without the Cunningham Clamp
I am a man and don't want to wear a pad. So this is a lot better then pads. I wear the cunningham clamp everyday, you need to make sure not to clamp it too tight and make sure to release it every few hours.
I buy a few at a time and have found this to be the best price.
Product Rating
Review by Nick Larsen / (Posted on 9/8/2010)
Good product
The cunningham clamp works well for incontenence.
Product Rating
Review by Gary / (Posted on 3/21/2011)