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Air purifiers and humidifiers are designed with a similar aim, and that is to provide a better room air condition prevent irritated lungs and air passageways. Air purifiers utilize either a filter or ionized surface to pull dust and micro-sized particles from the air. Some purifiers go as far as eliminating odors. Humidifiers, along with vaporizes, simply moisten the air to make it more comfortable breathing and not to dry and irritate the lungs. Vitality Medical offers a wide assortment of these products to help maintain an indoor climate that promotes respiratory health.

Air Purifiers and Humidifier Patient Applications.

  • Use Air Purifiers for: removing dust and micro particles from the air, trapping allergens, bacteria, and viruses with specialized filters, reducing or eliminating odors from a room.
  • Use Humidifiers and Vaporizers for: moistening the air for better breathing, reducing dust with mist, treating throat and lung irritation.

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