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Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator Fully-Automatic with CPR D Padz Electrode

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  • CPR-D Padz Set
  • Duracell Lithium Battery Set
  • Instruction Manual
  • CD Training
  • 5 Year Warranty/7 Years with Registration
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Zoll AED Plus Electrode automated external defibrillator package - Each


8000-004007-01 8000-004007-01

Fully-Automatic Device with One Set of Adult Pads, Batteries, Instruction Manual, and Training DVD - Each


8900-0800-01 8000-004007-01

CPR-D Padz® Adult Electrode - Each


8900-0801-01 8000-004007-01

Multi-Function Electrode Pad Stat Padz - Adult - Pair


8000-0807-01 8000-004007-01

Lithium Battery Duracell Ultra 123A Cell 3V - 10 Pack - Pack of 10

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Sale Price: $84.22

8000-0802-01 8000-004007-01

Carry Case, Soft, Black Fabric with Handles for Zoll AED Plus - Each * 2 - 4 Weeks Delay


8000-0825 8000-004007-01

First Aid Sign 8.5 x 11 Inch for AED Plus - Each


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8000-0855 8000-004007-01

AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm 17.4 x 17.4 x 8.9 Inch for Zoll AED Plus - Each



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Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator

Defibrillator with CPR D padz electrode


Control Features

Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator is a fully automatic cardiac resuscitation machine that guides the caregiver in performing CPR. This external defibrillator offers visual and audio prompts step-by-step to guide you through the entire resuscitation process. Equipped with electrode pads, this medical device offers real-time feedback about the rate and depth of CPR compressions. This cardiac stimulator monitors the patient’s heart rate as well as provides electrical stimulation if needed. The AED Plus includes a lithium battery set that has a shelf-life of 5-years.

Vitality Medical offers many AED Defibrillators to choose from, including Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic and Professional Cardiac Resuscitators.

Product Components List

  • Unit
  • Pads, 1 set
  • Duracell Lithium Battery Set
  • Instruction manual
  • CD Training

Product Features & Benefits

  • Fully automatic
  • CPR Uni-padz™ electrodes can be used on both adult and pediatric patients
  • CPR cycle timer, and a large color bar gauge that shows CPR compression depth
  • RapidShock Analysis™ enables the industry’s shortest rhythm analysis for more continuous life-saving CPR
  • Enhanced Real CPR Help
  • Full-color display with vivid rescue images
  • Cloud connectivity that can automatically report AED readiness
  • 5-year shelf life for pads and batteries
  • Low frequency of maintenance
  • CPR-D Padz electrode

Product Specifications

  • Product Number: 8000-004007-01
  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 9.5 x 11.5 Inch
  • Application: External Automated Defibrillator
  • Energy Output: 120, 150, 200 Joules Output
  • Display Type: High-resolution LCD
  • Operation Type: Automatic
  • Prompt Types: Audio and Visual Prompts
  • Power Source: Battery Operated
  • Charge Time: <10 seconds
  • Brand: AED Plus
  • Manufacturer: Zoll Medical



Additional Information

Additional Information

What's in the Box?
  • AED Plus
  • CPR-D Padz Adult Electrode
  • Lithium Battery Set
  • Instruction Manual
  • CD Training
  • Width
    9.5 Inch
  • Length
    11.5 Inch
  • Depth
    5.25 Inch
  • Total Size
    574 Cubic Inches
  • Weight
    6.7 Pounds
  • Energy Output
    120, 150, 200 Jouels
  • Operation Mode
    Fully Automatic
  • Design/Use
    For the General Public
  • Text Prompt
  • LED Prompt
  • Voice Prompt
  • Product
    5 Years/7 Years with Registration

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

Leaves Warehouse: 1-2 business days - More details
Economy Shipping: Guaranteed 7-10 business days

Returns Information
Refer to our returns policy for more information.
Manuals & Documents



Manuals and Documents


  • pdf logo    Product Brochure contains features and benefits.
  • pdf logo    Dental Brochure highlights the advantages of having the product in a dental office.
  • pdf logo    First Responders Brochure contains features and benefits for first responders.
  • pdf logo    Nursing Home Brochure features the benefits of an emergency defibrillator in a care facility.
  • pdf logo    Schools Brochure contains features and benefits for an educational facility.
  • pdf logo    Work Place Brochure highlights usage in an office environment as well as blue collar work sites.
  • pdf logo    FAQ contains frequently asked questions and answers.
  • pdf logo    Pedi Padz II provides information about a pediatric electrode option for this defibrillator.
  • pdf logo    PlusTrac contains information about this application.
  • pdf logo    Product Specifications offers detailed product information and capabilities.
  • pdf logo    Technical Specifications contains additional product specs.
  • pdf logo    Upgrade offers information about product upgrades.
  • pdf logo    User Manual contains setup and use instructions.
  • pdf logo    Accessories provides pictures and sku numbers for accessories designed to enhanced this product.



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