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Tranquility Personal Incontinence Care Pads

Product Highlights

  • Comes with the Peach Mat Guarantee
  • Unsurpassed skin dryness
  • Unsurpassed odor reduction
  • Unsurpassed urine-pH balancing
  • Unsurpassed bacterial-growth suppressing
  • Cloth-like back sheet for low-profile wear
  • Adhesive stripe to secure in place
  • Latex-free product
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Pad Dimension: 10.5 L x 5.5 W Inch - Ships Free!

Case of 96
$0.312 each



Ultimate Dimension: 10.5 L x 5.5 W Inch - Ships Free!

Case of 96


Out of Stock
Pad Dimension: 10.5 L x 5.5 W Inch - Case of 96
SKU: 2380


Ultimate Dimension: 10.5 L x 5.5 W Inch - Case of 96
SKU: 2381


Out of Stock

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Tranquility Personal Care Pads keep you dry when incontinence wants you wet. Your body has been a faithful companion your entire life but then one day it decided to stab you in the back. At one point, you felt the need to use the restroom and your body said I got this. Now, it says bathroom? What's that? leaving you with the consequences. Some days, a person dealing with incontinence might feel like their body is at war with them, their dignity, and their ability to leave the house. Well, you don't have to stand for it any longer. With Tranquility Unisex Personal Incontinence Care Pads, you can fight back against incontinence and stubbornly show your body that you're in charge and that you won't hold yourself back because of its betrayal.

With their soft peach core and twin embossed channels, Tranquility pads offer heavy absorbency. Tranquility Super Pads (Tranquility 2380) which hold up to 13-1/2 ounces of liquid for lengthy excursions. Additionally, Tranquility Ultimate Pads (Tranquility 2381) which hold up to 12-1/5 ounces, almost an entire pint of fluid. These pads also have an adhesive strip for easy positioning and placement and are latex-free. Plus, they come with Tranquility's Peach Mat Guarantee. What does this mean? The Peach Mat Guarantee is Tranquility's promise that this product is unsurpassed in its performance in the areas of skin dryness, odor reduction, urine pH balance, and suppression of bacterial growth.

Tranquility pads are also comfortable to wear. Their gentle elastic form gently cups the skin and ensures the fit is secure at all times. They even have a cloth-like backing that minimizes noise so no one will be able to tell you're even using an incontinence product. Plus, this backing is moisture-proof so it can be worn beneath your regular undergarments without fear of leaking. Tranquility also offers Personal Cleansing Wipes with aloe vera to help moisturize and protect your skin as well as allowing you to keep yourself clean while on the go. Taking control of your incontinence and your life begins with Tranquility Unisex Personal Care Pads.

Complications of Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence presents several problems when it pops up. The obvious social problems tend to come to mind, but what about other, more physical issues? Urinary incontinence has two main physical complications: skin problems and urinary tract problems.

First, we'll talk about skin problems. Skin problems associated with urinary incontinence stem from the moisture that is abundantly present with incontinence. Excess moisture around the skin causes maceration which is a general weakening of the skin that makes the skin appear lighter in color, soggy, and wrinkly. Macerated skin is much more likely to suffer damage or tissue breakdown and can result in rashes, sores, and skin infection. Using a moisture-locking incontinence pad or brief will help in preventing this. Also, a product like NormlShield Moisture Barrier Cream can protect vulnerable skin against moisture.

The other problem associated with incontinence is increased risk of urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection (or UTI) occurs when bacteria invades the urethra, causing irritation and even a burning sensation whenever urinating. UTI's are typically minor complications that will go away on their own with proper care. The reason why incontinence increases the likelihood of these infections is due to the excess moisture present in the environment surrounding the urethra. With moisture, proper temperatures, and time, cultures of bacteria can flourish. Normally, most common dermal bacteria find the chemicals present in urine to be toxic. However, some strains don't and can proliferate in a moist environment despite being saturated with these chemicals. If these cultures are able to thrive, they can eventually make their way inside the urethra, causing a UTI. However, keeping the area around the urethra dry and urinating frequently will typically remove these cultures without the need to see a doctor. However, it's recommended to see one anyway just because they can aid by prescribing an antibiotic regiment to deal with any invasive flora. For more information regarding the potential complications of read the article "Urinary Incontinence" on the Mayo Clinic's Website or located at the bottom of this page.

Differences Between the Super and Ultimate

  Super Ultimate
Item Number 2380 2381
Length 10-1/2 Inches 13-1/2 Inches
Width 5-1/2 Inches 6-1/2 Inches
Capacity 13-1/2 Ounces (400 mL) 15-1/5 Ounces (450 mL)


Superior Absorbency

Some Tranquility Brand products come with what they call the Peach Mat Guarantee as a promise to their superior dryness. However, what does this even really mean? When you hear peach mat for the first time, you probably thought of some kind of decorative doormat you could purchase from a truck-stop souvenir stand in Georgia. What exactly is a peach mat and what does it have to do with incontinence?

The promise of Tranquility's Peach Mat Guarantee is greatly different from other manufacturers of incontinence products. With most other incontinence products, absorbency is displayed with images of water drops or marketing terms like "plus ultra," "extreme," or "desert" all terms that sound great but ultimately tell you nothing. In some cases, an incontinence brand can sell itself as a "super mega ultra maximum absorbent drought-maker fluid vacuum," giving your mind expectations of superior levels of absorbency, and in reality, it can only handle a few drops of water before it's completely waterlogged. This kind of branding isn't helpful. You need an incontinence pad, something to keep you dry. Terms like "ultra" sound like some kind of souped-up car with all the bells and whistles, not personal care pad. So having a product that's branded as a "supercharged turbo..." whatever might sound awesome, that's no proof that it is. This isn't the case with Peach-Mat products.

Peach-Mat products measure absorbency in real-world metrics like ounces or milliliters in capacity under pressure. What does this mean? Out in the wild, you'll be using an incontinence product while sitting, standing, walking, lying down, cartwheeling, or whatever kind of movements you do. Each of these movements exerts pressure on the product. Why is this important? Think of a waterlogged sponge and what happens when you squeeze it. You do not want this happening with your incontinence product. This is where capacity under pressure applies. To get this metric, the manufacturer completely soaks a Peach-Mat product then squeezes out the excess water. The water that remains inside that will not escape no matter what force they can put on it is the capacity under pressure.

So, when you use a Peach-Mat product, you can be assured that it will hold a guaranteed amount of liquid without leaking regardless of how you're moving. This, in turn, protects your clothing, your skin, and your confidence in your incontinence product.

How to Apply

  • Remove Pad from its Packaging
  • Remove Adhesive Cover Strip from Back of Pad
  • Press Pad Into Underwear To Ensure Stability
  • Wear Underwear As Normally
  • When Pad is Full, Remove from Underwear by Peeling Off
  • Dispose of Used Pad, Pads are Not Reusable
  • Replace with New Dry Pad

Product Features and Benefits

  • Peach Mat Guaranteed for Unsurpassed Dryness
  • Cloth-Like Backsheet for Discreet Wear
  • Adhesive Strip for Better Placement
  • Helps Maintain a Dry Environment
  • Can Help Prevent Complications Associated with Incontinence Wetness
  • Holds More Fluid than Average Bladder Void (210-300 mL or 7-10 Ounces)

Product Specifications

  • Item Number: 2380, 2381
  • Manufacturer: Tranquility
  • Width: 5-1/2 Inches, 6-1/2 Inches
  • Length: 10-1/2 Inches, 13-1/2 Inches
  • Capacity: 13-1/2 Ounces, 15-1/5 Ounces
  • Number per Case: 96
  • Incontinence Needs: Urine Only
  • Latex Indicator: Latex-Free
Manuals and Documents
  • pdf logo   Maceration: contains facts and information from the HealthLine.


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tranquility Principle Business
Brand Tranquility
Ships Free Yes
Absorption Super

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