Avanos Farrell Valve Bag Pressure Relief System - 20-4100

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Product Highlights

  • Easy Set-Up
  • Works with Gravity Sets and Pumps
  • Two Styles of Connectors
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Works During Feeding
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Returns
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Farrell Valve Bag Pressure Relief System
Avanos Farrell Valve Bag Pressure Relief System - 20-4100 Farrell Valve Bag Pressure Relief System Pressure Relief System Part 2 Farrell Valve Connector Farrell Bag Pressure Relief System Hanging


Gastric pressure and bloating sometimes happen with tube feeding. The FARRELL Valve Pressure Relief System by Avanos Medical relieves the discomfort. Symptoms may occur during feeding, or they might manifest hours later. Signs range from passing a lot of gas to an extended belly.

One of the more common ways to bring comfort is to use a syringe to vent the buildup of gasses. But venting requires constant attention. Instead, the Farrell Valve System offers a 'hands-free' option. One that is a closed-system, eliminating the need for on-going supervision. Once it gets set up, an occasional check-in is all that is needed. It is the only method that gets rid of pressure during feeding, stopping bloating before it even starts.

Pressure escapes up the feeding tube and into the Farrell Valve Bag Pressure Relief System, where it travels up to the Farrell Valve pouch. A built-in top valve opens, venting the pressure, keeping the latex-free bag free from gas. The pouch does not inflate, nor will it burst.

The pouch captures any formula or nutritional products that vent. If the bag begins to fill, then the most likely cause is a kink somewhere in the tubing. Gravity feed any food or medicine caught in the bag. The white roller clamp regulates the speed of the flow.

At the end of the feeding session, or when administering medicine, discontinue using the product, which is simple to do. Just close the white and blue clamps located on the tubing. If you need to start again, that is just as easy.

Following a regular maintenance schedule helps keep your system clean and running smoothly. You may use the Corpak Clog Zapper Feeding Tube Declogger if you wish to keep your feeding lines free of formula residue. The tubing needs replaced to keep your system working optimally. You can find replacement Gastronomy Feeding Tubes here if you want.

How to Use

Farrell Setup Steps
  1. Hang Farrell Valve Bag on IV pole parallel to feeding bag.
  2. Place Y port equal to or below stomach
  3. Close white roller clamp.
  4. Hook feeding bag line into Y connector.
  5. Open white clamp to pre-fill tubing to just below blue clamp.
  6. Close the blue clamp.
  7. Plug Farrel Valve bag pressure relief system into feeding tube.
  8. Open blue clamp.
  9. Open white clamp.

Before Connecting

  • Check tubing for dried residue.
  • Look for kinks.
  • Examine the stomach of the user for signs of bloating/swelling.
  • If bloating exists, manually relieve the pressuring using a syringe.

Low-Feed Situations

Newborns might need a long time to get a good flow in the Farrell tubing before you can open the white roller clamp. With this group, the bag and the pump need to be as close to the stomach as possible. Attach an extension set and pre-fill to keep extra air out of the stomach.

Formula Flow

Formula will move up and down in the tubing. However, the food should be just above the height of the stomach. *Do not let the food to back up into the Farrell bag.

ENFit Connectors
ENFit® Connectors
Older Connectors Connectors
Fits Older Connectors Connectors

How to Choose Connector Type

ENFit is the new global standard for enteral feeding connections. The Farrell System comes with both ENFit connectors, as well as the older style connectors for people who still have feeding tubes with cone-shaped connectors.

How it Works

  • The Farrell Valve Bag cancels the pressure of the feeding pump.
  • Gravity pulls food down the line.
  • The tube serves as an escape valve against pressure build-up in the stomach.
  • The bag at the top does not inflate because of the built-in vent.
  • If any formula starts collecting in the bag, it is because the line is kinked or blocked.

How to Give Medicine

  1. Close the blue clamp.
  2. Give medicine through the medicine port on the feeding tube.
  3. Allow five to ten minutes to pass.
  4. Open the blue clamp and resume feeding.

How to Clear Line Blockages

  1. Close the white clamp of the Farrell Valve Bag.
  2. Allow the pump to continue running.
  3. The pressure should clear the line.
  4. Once the line clears, open the white valve again.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Helps Release Bloating in Feeding
  • Latex Free Product
  • Includes Connection Tube
  • Air Release Valve
  • Clear View Bag
  • Maximizes Enteral Feeding
  • Opened Air Valve

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer SKU: 20-4100
  • Manufacturer: Avanos Medical, formerly Halyard
  • Accessory Type: Enteral Feeding
  • Latex-Free: Yes

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