Stander Recliner Lever Extender

Stander - Authorized Distributor


  • Handle extender for recliner chairs
  • Helps raise and lower reclining leg rest
  • Easy-to-use adjustment and control
  • Bolt attachment ensures a secure fit
  • Durable, heavy-duty steel construction
  • No-tools needed for installation
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Returns
Ships Free - Lever Extender - Each - #3000

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Stander Lever Extender
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Recliner Lever Extender is a Handle Extension for Recliner Chairs that allow the user to raise and lower the reclining leg rest. The Lever Extender puts the Leg Rest Control Lever within easy reach of someone sitting in the recliner. The extra length that the Lever Extension provides makes it easier to raise and lower the leg rest. Manufactured by Stander Company, this Recliner Extension Lever is made with heavy duty steel to offer durability. No tools are required to install the Stander Lever Extender.

Stander Extended Lever Features & Benefits

  • Allows for the easy adjustment and control for most recliners.
  • Places the handle within easy reach.
  • Four bolt attachment method ensures a secure fit.
  • Padded design protects chair handle.
  • Made of heavy duty steel for added durability.
Recliner Lever Extender Specifications
  • Stander Lever Extension Handle Product Number: 3000.
  • Handle Width: 7"
  • Handle Length: 9"
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Manufacturer: Stander.
  • Stander Lever Extender Warranty: Lifetime.

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