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PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress - Low Air Loss

Product Highlights

  • Reduces the risk of maceration
  • Bolstering foam reduces chance of falls and entrapment
  • Two-cover system helps wick and dispell moisture before it forms into fluid
  • Built-in heel slope reduces risk of pressure ulcers forming on the heels
  • Multiple comfort settings to improve patient bloodflow
  • Geo-Matt foam design allows improved temperature control and low-shear comfort
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Easy Air Controller Unit Only




Easy Air System: 75L x 35W x 7H




Easy Air System: 78L x 35W x 7H




Easy Air System: 80L x 32W x 7H




Easy Air System: 80L x 35W x 7H




Easy Air System: 84L x 35W x 7H



Easy Air Controller Unit Only - Each
SKU: 8000


Easy Air System: 75L x 35W x 7H - Each
SKU: L7535-29


Easy Air System: 78L x 35W x 7H - Each
SKU: L7835-29


Easy Air System: 80L x 32W x 7H - Each
SKU: L8032-29


Easy Air System: 80L x 35W x 7H - Each
SKU: L8035-29


Easy Air System: 84L x 35W x 7H - Each
SKU: L8435-29



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PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress Overview

The PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress by SpanAmerica combines science and patient-care experience to benefit patients who are at risk of ulcers due to pressure or maceration. Low air loss (LAL) mattresses are typically used by clinicians to address maceration, the weakening of the skin due to excess moisture. The low air loss mattress is the answer to this problem, designed specifically to deal with maceration. In fact, in a study performed and published by researchers in the Ostomy Wound Manage (OWM) scholarly journal, the air controlled excess moisture better than any other product at the time.1

The secret to the PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress is in its unique design. This mattress contains four head-to-foot cylinders surrounded in precision-cut Geo-Matt foam for comfort and support. The grey outer cover has a dedicated air supply and the purple coverlet is made of a moisture-wicking material that is vapor-permeable while remaining fluidproof. In short, the purple cover helps draw moisture away from the body and into it while the grey cover emits air to remove moisture before it can condense into fluid. These covers are also both easily cleanable with neutral detergents like Bon Vital Gentle Laundry Detergent.


Included Products in Each System Order

  • One foam-bolstered, Geo-Matt mattress with head-to-foot cylinders, inner-air delivery cover, and airflow tubing
  • One removable, fluidproof coverlet
  • One air-control unit

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces Risk of Maceration in Patients
  • Foam Bolster Provides Improved Safety Over Traditional Air Bladder LAL Mattresses
  • Removable Coverlet and Inner-Air-Delivery Cover Provide Moisture-Level Control
  • Multiple Patient Settings and Easy-to-Use Control Unit
  • Automatic Setting Memory Keeps Previous Settings Saved In Between Uses
  • Mattress Cover and Coverlet Is Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Geo-Matt Foam Design Molds to the Body Without Pulling at the Skin
  • Alternating Pressure Setting for Improved Patient Blood Flow
  • Set Up and Use in As Little as 20 Minutes
  • Change Slope While Providing Support to the Sacral Area
  • Built-In Heel Slope Reduces Risk of Pressure Ulcer Formation at Patient Heel
  • Product and Parts Covered Under a Two-Year, Non-Prorated Warranty

Patient Safety in LAL Mattresses

Many concerns with other LAL mattresses relate to patient safety. Other manufacturers make these mattresses with a series of empty air bladders that are unstable with shifts in pressure. Falls are more common with these kinds of mattresses and shifts in mattress position can reduce support in vulnerable areas like the sacral region. The PressureGuard Easy Air avoids these issues with its bolstered foam edges. These edges are sturdy but also soft, allowing the patient better support when sitting on the bedside during transfers. This support also protects patients when they shift during sleep, reducing the risk of falls or entrapment.

Since materials like foam tend to insulate body heat extraordinarily well, one might wonder if adding it to a LAL mattress design is counterproductive. However, the PressureGuard Low-Air-Loss Mattress avoids these issues with foam through knowledge and science. SpanAmerica creates each mattress with specially designed machines to cut the PressureGuard's Geo-Matt foam design. This design allows the foam to mold to the body while reducing any pull on the skin. Additionally, its design allows for increased airflow through specially cut air channels for better temperature control. Plus, each PressureGuard mattress includes a specially carved heel slope that transfers pressure from the heels to the calves, reducing the risk of pressure ulcer formation.

The manufacturer recommends that this product be used with seven-inch deep fitted sheets like the ReliaMed's 3-Piece Sheet Set.    

Using the PressureGuard Easy Air


How to Set Up

  1. Remove mattress from packaging and place on frame.
  2. Place purple side up with air lines at foot of frame.
  3. Remove control unit and attach included power cord.
  4. Hook control unit onto footboard at end of bed frame.
  5. Attach large air line to the large hole of control unit.
  6. Attach small air line to either small hole on control unit.
  7. Turn on power and allow 20 minutes before use with patient.

Air Control Settings

  • Press button beneath "air flow" to turn on.
  • When unit is on, a green light will shine next to button.
  • If orange light is on beneath "pressure indicator," remove patient from bed and wait until light turns green.
  • Adjust "comfort level" to lowest setting for new patients.
  • If patient is too low on mattress or uncomfortable, adjust setting.
  • After five seconds, lights on unit will blink, saving settings in memory automatically.
  • Saved settings will remain during power-up after a shutdown until changed.

How to Clean

Both the inner liner and the outer coverlet can be cleaned by wiping with neutral suds and lukewarm water. Afterward, allow both the cover and the coverlet to air-dry for 20-30 minutes before use.

For deeper soil or hard-to-clean spots, use a liquid cleaner like Purebright Liquid Bleach at a 1:10 bleach to water concentration and a soft sponge. Concentrations greater than 1:10 can cause discoloration of the cover as well as fluid passthrough. Avoid using heat while washing or drying as this will destroy the coverlet. Clean as needed, according to your institution's protocol, or daily if using with patients with known incontinence.

To clean the air-control unit, first turn off the system and unplug from the power source. Wipe down the unit with a damp sponge or soft cloth like a Wypall L40 Wiper, using neutral suds and lukewarm water. If using a disinfectant solution, the manufacturer recommends using one that is hospital-grade. Vitality Medical offers a selection of Disinfectant Solutions for this purpose.


How to Maintain the Air-Flow Unit Filter

This unit has a two-piece filter that must be maintained for proper operation of the total product. For locating, the two-piece filter is located at the bottom rear of the unit. The first layer of the filter may be removed and cleaned for re-use while the smaller secondary inner filter must not be removed and can be cleaned in place.

To properly perform filter maintenance:

  1. Turn off unit and remove plug from power supply.
  2. Remove four screws on filter housing plate at bottom rear of control unit.
  3. With plate off, pull filter out of unit.
  4. Wash filter using mild soap and water and pat dry with towel.
  5. Vacuum smaller inner filter with any standard vacuum with brush cleaner; do not remove.
  6. Replace large filter into position on the control unit.
  7. Re-attach the housing plate and securely screw into place.

If the filter is damaged or not able to be easily cleaned, please contact Vitality Medical customer service at 1-800-397-5899 so they may assist with obtaining a replacement filter. The filter replacement part number is P02549.


Storage and Transportation

Store the PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress flat in a clean, dry place. When removing from storage, check the inflation system to ensure proper alignment before patient use. Store this mattress between 32 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 49 degrees Celsius. Be sure to allow the mattress to adjust to room temperature before patient use. Also, to prevent unintended damage, do not stack items on top of the mattress or control unit. During transportation, be sure to secure the mattress and control unit to prevent damage from falls. This mattress works best below a maximum altitude of 6,500 feet.


Instructions for CPR on PressureGuard

According to the American Heart Association, CPR should be performed on a hard, level, and flat surface like a crash board or the floor. If these options are not available, the manufacturer recommends following these instructions for performing CPR on the PressureGuard:

  1. Select FLOAT mode on unit
  2. Select Firmest Comfort level
  3. Place a crash board beneath patient
  4. Follow standard CPR procedures

Troubleshooting the Control Unit

Problem Possible Cause Solution
The system will not turn on
  • System not plugged in
  • No power at outlet
  • Power cord is damaged
  • Blown fuse
  • Plug into power source
  • Restore power to outlet
  • Call for service
  • Call for service
The patient is not turning/alternating properly
  • System is not turned on
  • Patient is not centered on mattress
  • Patient has severe contractures
  • Head of bed is elevated or knees are gatched
  • Patient exceeds weight limit
  • Plug power cord into power source
  • Reposition patient
  • Observe someone without contractures on bed for 30 minutes to confirm functionality
  • Adjust patient as necessary to meet needs
  • Try PressureGuard Easy Air XL
The mattress is not inflating or the patient reports a feeling of sinking
  • Control unit is not on
  • Airlines not connected
  • Airlines or quick-disconnect connectors are damaged
  • Head of bed elevated
  • Defective controller
  • Turn control unit on
  • Ensure secure connection of airlines
  • Call customer service for replacement
  • Lower head of bed
  • Call for service
The low-pressure indicator is illuminated
  • Airlines not connected
  • Airlines or quick-disconnect connectors damaged
  • Leaking inflation system
  • Disconnect and reconnect airlines to verify connection
  • Call for replacement
  • Call for replacement, follow replacement instructions in manual on bottom of page 26
The blower is running without the airflow light illuminated
  • Light indicator burned out
  • Airflow triggered by pressing more than one button
  • Call for service
  • Press any single button or reset control; call for service if unresolved
Single or multiple lights not illuminating
  • Light indicator burned out
  • Simultaneously pressing more than one button
  • Call for service
  • Press any single button or reset control call for service if unresolved
You cannot change modes or comfort level settings
  • Central processor malfunction
  • Simultaneous pressing of more than one button
  • Reset control unit by turning off then back on call if unresolved
  • Press single button, reset unit, or press lockout button for 3 seconds; call if unresolved
All of the light indicators flash repeatedly or are not illuminated while the unit is running
  • Simultaneously pressing more than one button
  • Central processor malfunction
  • Reset control unit call if unresolved
  • Reset control unit call if unresolved
Interference is produced to electronic equipment or devices in the surrounding area
  • Electromagnetic interference transmitting through air
  • Turn equipment off then on again if unresolved, relocate device, connect to different circuit, call for service
The blower is not operating
  • Airflow not on
  • Turn on airflow call if unresolved
The cover is billowing
  • Weld failure in top of mattress cover
  • Turn airflow off, call customer service for replacement cover

For Customer Service, call: 1-800-397-5899


Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: SpanAmerica
  • Product Numbers: L7535-29, L7835-29, L8010, L8032-29, L8035-29, L8435-29
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Pounds
  • Medicare Reimbursement Code: E0277
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Frequency: 60 Hertz
  • Maximum Current: 1.0 Amps

Manuals and Documents





Product Videos


PressureGuard Easy Air Low Air Loss Therapy Surface (2:06 minutes)


Setup and Operation of the PressureGuard Easy Air (3:04 minutes)


Outstanding Features of the Unique PressureGuard Design (3:48 minutes)



Notice: For the health and safety of our customers we cannot accept a return on a mattress once it has been used.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product complies with all state and federal safety standards.
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