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PressureGuard APM2 Mattress

By Span America

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PressureGuard APM2 with deluxe control unit, 75L x 35W x 7H


Regular Price: $2,096.84

Sale Price: $1,489.78


PressureGuard APM2 with deluxe control unit, 80L x 35W x 7H




PressureGuard APM2 with deluxe control unit, 84L x 35W x 7H




PressureGuard Deluxe Control




Deluxe Full Long - 80 L x 54 W Inches; Therapy in Center




Full Long - 80 L x 54 W Inches, Therapy on Patient RT




Queen: 80 L x 60 W Inches; Therapy in Center




Queen - 80 L x 60 W Inches; Therapy on Patient RT


Regular Price: $4,337.59

Sale Price: $2,579.85

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Span-America Medical Systems' PressureGuard APM2 air pressure mattress features technology to prevent -- or help treat -- skin break down, while promoting proper circulation and enhancing comfort. Ideal for home or healthcare facilities, the PressureGuard APM2 contains four pressure-reducing, head-to-foot length air cylinders. These provide two therapy modes for overall well-being and repositioning.

Two Therapy Modes -- Twice the Value:

Flipping a side-mounted toggle switch engages one of the PressureGuard APM2's two therapy modes for greater treatment flexibility and enhanced comfort.

Alternating Pressure Mode: Alternating pairs of twin cylinders continuously inflate and deflate. According to the manufacturer, this makes improved circulation possible.

Lateral Rotation Mode: One bank of twin cylinders inflates while the other deflates to gently rotate an occupant.

To facilitate therapy, select models of the PressureGuard APM2 are available with a deluxe and easy-to-use digital multifunction control unit. The quiet control unit enables caregivers to select comfort level and operating mode, including a "float mode" for powered flotation therapy. The control unit for this pressure reduction mattress also features power and low-pressure audible alarms. Three different lengths of pressure relief mattresses are available.

Pressure Management Technology:

On its very top layer, the PressureGuard APM2 features a fluid-proof bacteriostatic cover that inhibits bacteria reproduction. Beneath it are several key elements that have been optimized to maximize occupant well-being and separate Span-America's pressure management mattress from traditional designs.

GeoMatt Overlay: Consisting of more than 800 individually articulating cells, the GeoMatt redistributes pressure, reducing both heat and skin moisture buildup. The cells also accommodate bony prominences.

Patented Shear Transfer Zone Technology: Three silicone-coated, shear-minimizing bands lie underneath the scapula, sacrum and heels. These delicate areas are protected from shearing because the zones' fabric and design enable occupants to smoothly glide between positions on the mattress. Without these transfer zones, movement on a mattress can lead to skin-damaging shearing. This is a mechanical force in which skin is externally pulled in a direction parallel to the body and internally pulled in another direction by underlying bones.

Vitality Medical provides a full array of care items for damaged skin, such as Molnlycke's Mepilex Self-Adherent Foam Dressing.

PressureGuard APM2 Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Heel Slope -- Further reduces heel pressure.
  • Streamlined Operation -- The recessed, mode-selection toggle switch eliminates disconnecting or exchanging air lines.
  • Occupant Safety -- Patented Safety Edge with "crawling effect" minimizes falls and entrapment. The inner-bolster's cradling effect further enhances occupant security.
  • Caregiver Support -- A 20-minute "Auto Firm" mode facilitates transfers, CPR and daily living activities; mode automatically returns to previously selected mode.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Numbers: 5175LR29 (75 inch length, standard control), 5180LR29 (80 inch length, standard control) and 5184LR29 (84 inch length, standard control); 5875LR29 (75 inch length, deluxe control), 5880LR29 (80 inch length, deluxe control), 5884LR29 (84 inch length, standard control).
  • Mattress Width: 35 Inches (all models)
  • Mattress Height: 7 Inches (all models)
  • Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds
  • Mattress Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Control Unit Weight: 6.3 Pounds (UL listed)
  • Cover Material: Fluid-proof, coated nylon cover is antifungal and bacteriostatically treated.
  • Control Unit Voltage and Frequency: 120 Volts and 60 Hertz
  • Control Unit Dimensions: 12 inches x 7 inches x 5 inches
  • Control Unit Max. Current: 1 Amp
  • Warranty: 18 Months (all components)

Note: Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery for Span-America products.

Watch this PressureGuard APM2 Video Overview.

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3 Item(s)

Air mattress
Controlled air . already have conditions needed for. The air
Totally 100% satisfied - I hope SpanAmerica keeps their high quality standards 4ever!
I am bedridden, so a quality mattress is a must. I ordered the same exact model that I've had for years (compressor never wore out, just the foam did after MANY years. i'm so pleased it is STILL THE SAME QUALITY as my old one. Generally most products we buy evolve to be cheaper quality through the years. This product REMAINED TOP QUALITY. I'm very happy with it. Thanks SpanAmerica for keeping it right!
Quaility Product
I purchased the APM2 and Deluxe Pump. The mattress arrived in excellent condition. It was UPS delivery. It was not the "little brown trucks." It was semi tractor/ trailer delivery. The shipment also requires someone to be home, and a signature. (In Walker, Michigan) Very simple setup, and easy instructions. Mattress and pump were in the same cardboard box. Connect and plug in the pump. Wait 20 minutes to stabilize. That's it! Dresses well in a twin size sheet. I also use a vinyl fitted mattress protector under the sheet. (non zippered) I use a bed pad above the sheet. Comfort level is superb. The people at Vitality were very efficient. I spoke also, with the people at Span America, who were fabulous with knowledge, and recommendations. This mattress has made a tremendous impact in the comfort level for my mother, who is bedridden, and unable to reposition herself. I tested this mattress, to determine her comfort level. The two things I noticed the most, were the immediate superb level of comfort , and no urge to "flip." (or reposition myself.) When I get my mother off this mattress, to venture into other areas of our home, all she wants, is to get back on this mattress. She is 88. This mattress is a blessing. It is lighweight, and very easy to move. Beware of other sites, selling this mattress with aftermarket pumps, or pumps from other substandard mattresses. If you want the full benefits from this mattress, purchase the whole kit from Vitality/Span America. (ships from Span America)
The DELUXE pump, provides the second option, which is lateral rotation. Lateral rotation is already built into the APM2, via the toggle switch on the mattress. If you are purchasing this mattress for a loved one, you will experience a very rewarding feeling, when you realize the level of comfort you have introduced into their life. My mother sleeps like a baby, on this mattress.

3 Item(s)

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