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Invacare Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift with Low Base

TOP Features:
  • Reduces Risk of Caregiver Injury
  • FREE Shipping
  • Offers Patient Dignity During Transfers
  • High Lift Range
  • Low Friction Casters
  • Ergonomic Control
  • Padded Swivel Bar
  • Anti-entrapment Feature
  • 450 lbs. Support
  • Click for More Features & Benefits
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450 Battery-Powered Lift with Low Base - Ships Free!



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450 Pound Capacity Power Lift with Power Opening Low Base - Ships Free!



450 Battery-Powered Lift with Low Base - Each
SKU: RPL450-1


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450 Pound Capacity Power Lift with Power Opening Low Base - Each
SKU: RPL450-2


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Invacare Reliant 450 Patient Lift Overview

Reliant User Satisfaction

Invacare Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift assists caregivers with difficult patient transfers to prevent injury to both caregiver and user. This item supports patients who weight up to 450 pounds and has an extensive lift height range. This range allows this product to be used from ground up to high places. This Hoyer Lift is made of durable steel and comes with two model choices. The first choice offers a power lift with a standard low base. The other choice offers the addition of a power opening low base feature for ease of use. The powered low base makes opening the legs a painless process.

This Mobility Aid is built for patient safety. A wide-leg footprint maximizes stability, particularly for bariatric patients. These legs slide underneath the user's bed to get this patient lift as close to the patient as possible. The Reliant 450 Patient Lift also offers a padded swivel bar that rotates 360 degrees for additional support and easy positioning. In addition to these features, an anti-entrapment feature is integrated into this machine. Next, this item's height range and ability to reach the floor is especially useful in the event of a patient fall. Finally, totes an ergonomic design that includes a push handle positioned to reduce caregiver wrist strain.

Hoyer Lift Safety

This item comes with everything needed to keep it powered at all times. A wall-mounted charger holds a second back-up battery (included) for easy and convenient charging and so that a battery can always be in rotation. This is a very used feature in the case of a power outage. In addition, when a charge is needed, a low battery alarm sounds. The Reliant 450 Power Lift operates for 150 to 300 lifts per charge.

This patient lift has been tested for safety and can increase the safety of both patients and caregivers during transfers.

Invacare also manufactures a heavy-duty lift with a higher lifting capacity called the Reliant 600. There is also a stand-up lift to help patients transition from a sitting positoin to standing called the Get-U-Up.

What Comes in the Box?

  • 1 Lift
  • 2 24V Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 Wall-Mounted Charger
  • 1 Instructional Manual
Hoyer Features

Features and Benefits

Reliant Electric Hoyer Lift
  • Increased Caregiver and Patient Safety
  • Seamless Patient Transfers
  • Padded, 360-Degree Swivel Bar
  • Extensive Lift Height Range
  • Six-Point Sling Hook-Ups
  • Low-Friction Casters
  • Broad, Stable Base
  • Anti-Entrapment Feature
  • Easy Leg Adjustment and Locking
  • Manual Lowering Option (in Case of Power Outage)
  • Removable Battery Pack
  • Secondary Backup Battery
  • Wall-Mounted Charger for Backup Battery
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Quite, Long-Lasting Motor
  • Battery Power-Base Option
  • Sturdy Build
  • Erganomic Design
  • Bariatric Patient Support
  • 450-Pound Weight Capacity
  • Neutral Color
  • Pinch-Free Design
  • Safety-Tested

Product Guide

What is the Difference Between the Invacare RPL450-1 and RPL450-2?

While both of these lifts' lifting functions are battery-powered, the RPL450-2 has an integrated low base that is also battery powered. The RPL450-1's base, on the other hand, is operated manually. There is just a three-pound difference between these two items.


Patient Lift Comparison Chart


Invacare Patient Lift Comparison Chart


Invacare Reliant 450 Lift Parts Diagram

Reliant Anatomy

Invacare also manufactures a heavy-duty lift with a higher lifting capacity called the Reliant 600. There is also a stand-up lift to help patients transition from a sitting positoin to standing called the Get-U-Up. Accessories for the Invacare Reliant 450 Lift include the Full Body Sling and the Divided Leg Sling. These items are optional and connects to a six-point cradle hook-up to safely transfer patients from a bed to a wheelchair or to a shower or toilet.

Also included with this product is a charging station with a wall mounted charger and 24-volt battery.

How do you use the Invacare Reliant 450 Hoyer Lift?

How to Transfer a Patient from a Bed to a Wheelchair

  • Read this product's user manual's full list of warnings and safety instructions.
  • Ensure that the battery has charge.
  • Roll the patient onto the sling according to the sling's manufacturer's instructions and facility guidelines.
  • Move the wheelchair near the end of the bed for a quick and fluid transfer.
  • Lock the wheelchair's wheels.
  • Open the legs of the lift and lock them.
  • Ensure that there is nothing blocking the space under the bed.
  • Roll the hoyer to the bed so the legs are underneath the bed and the hanger bar is positioned over the patient (over their chest and abdominal area).
  • Press the down arrow on the lift remote control to lower the hanger bar over the patient so the sling hooks can be attached to the hanger bar.
  • Lift Instruction
  • Attach the Sling to the hanger bar's hooks according to their color coding and the sling's manual instructions.
  • Attachment Instruction
  • Ensure that the patient is safe in a safe and stable position and is ready to be lifted.
  • Press the up arrow on the remote control to raise the patient above the bed.
  • Roll the lift out from under the bed and to the wheelchair. The wheelchair should sit between the Hoyer's open legs and the patient should hover directly over the wheelchair's seat.
  • Turn the patient in the sling so that when they are lowered they will be sitting in the correct forward-facing position in the wheelchair.
  • Press the down arrow to lower the patient into the wheelchair.
  • Reliant Transfer
  • Remove the sling from the lift hooks and roll the lift out of the way of the wheelchair.


Hydraulic Lifts -- Wheelchair to Bed (5:46 minutes)


How Do You Charge the Hoyer Lift?

  • To extend the battery's life, charge it daily.
  • Locate the handle on the back of the battery to detach it from the control box.
  • Use the handle to pull the battery up and out of the control box.
  • Attach the battery to the battery charger. The battery will click into place and an LED light will indicate that the battery is charging. If it is completely dead, the battery will take four to six hours to charge.
  • To remove the battery again, pull up on the battery handle.
  • Insert the battery back into the control box. It will click into place.
Charge Hoyer Battery

Complementary Products and Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Are a sling, batteries, and a charger included?
No sling is included, but it can be purchased separately. A wall-mounted charger and two batteries are included.

How long does a hoist battery take to charge?
The battery that comes with this item takes 4 - 6 hours to charge.

Does this Hoyer lift come fully assembled?
No, this item does not come fully assembled, but it does come partly assembled for a more simple set-up. Detailed assembly instructions are included in the user manual.

Does this item have a scale?
This product does not include a scale, but the Invacare Reliant Digital Scale (RLS6) scale is available for this lift and can be purchased separately.

Invacare Reliant Digital Scale

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Invacare
  • Product Numbers: RPL450-1, RPL450-2
  • Application: Patient Transfer Device
  • Type: Hoyer Lift
  • Style: Battery-Powered
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Beige
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Powered Lift Weight: 106 lbs
  • Powered Opening Low Base Lift Weight: 109 lbs
  • Lift Height at Sling Hook-Up: 24 - 74 Inch
  • Base Width: 41 Inch (Open), 26.5-Inch (Closed)
  • Base Length: 48 Inch
  • Floor-to-Leg Clearance: 3-Inch
  • Under Bed Clearance: 4.5-Inch
  • Floor to Leg Clearance: 3-Inch
  • Casters: 3-Inch (Front), 5-Inch (Rear-Locking)
  • Swivel Bar Rotation: 360-Degree
  • Battery Type: Wall Mounted, 24V, Rechargeable
  • Charger Output: 29.5V DC
  • Charger Input: 11-240-V AC
  • Battery Charge Time: 6 Hours Maximum
  • Lifts Per Charge: 150 - 300
  • Compatible Slings: R116 Full Body Mesh Sling
  • HCPCS Code: E0635

Manuals and Documents


Product Videos


Introduction to Full Body Hydraulic Lifts Video (8:16 minutes)


Battery Powered Full Bodied Lifts: Full Video (35:05 minutes)


Hydraulic Full Body Lifts: Full Video (23:39 minutes)


Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Invacare
Ships Free Yes

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

Leaves Warehouse: 1-2 business days - More details
Economy Shipping: Guaranteed 7-10 business days

Returns Information
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Manuals & Documents



Manuals and Documents


  • pdf logo    RPL450 Brochure covers the features and benefits for the this patient mobility product.
  • pdf logo    User Manual provides details on setup, maintenance and safe operation.





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