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Premier Cut To Fit Drainable Pouch 1 Piece System

By Premier
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Cut to Fit up to 2.5 Inch, Lock 'n Roll Microseal Closure

Box of 10
$3.109 each



Cut to Fit up to 2.5 Inch, Clamp Closure

Box of 10
$3.236 each


Cut to Fit up to 2.5 Inch, Lock 'n Roll Microseal Closure - Box of 10
SKU: 8031


Cut to Fit up to 2.5 Inch, Clamp Closure - Box of 10
SKU: 8131



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The Premier Cut To Fit Drainable Pouch 1 Piece System is a pouch for use with your stoma. The pouch offers features that some people may find better and handier than others. If you are familiar with ostomy pouches, you already know what to look for and what works for you, if you are new to ostomy and still uncertain as to what to look for, do some research on the products to achieve the correct choice, read about some of the benefits for the Hollister Premier One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouch with Flat FlexWear Barrier and compare to our vast selection of One-Piece Ostomy Bags.

The premier one-piece drainable pouch offers a trim-to-fit option, this gives the ostomy opening a customized size to fit your stoma. Other options offer a pre-fitted or pre-cut pouch which makes it easy for people who are familiar with their stoma size and have no need to readjust or resize an ostomy pouch, this is also a great convenience when traveling as you can easily change out a pouch without requiring scissors to make a sizable opening. When replacing an ostomy pouch make sure you are cleaning the area around your stoma as leftover material can cause infections and rashes, you can clean and sanitize the stoma area with a Brava Skin Barrier Spray and Wipes.

The pouch is made to be drainable, it includes a folding end to allow the contents of the pouch to be drained out into a toilet. The premier ostomy bags is secruly folded so that the bag cannot open up by accident, causing a horrific and embarrassing mess, but is kept folded-up until you are ready to drain it for reuse, which can save you money in the long run instead of using a closed ostomy bag that requires you to completely remove and discard of the ostomy bag after each use - but this is a better option for people who do not have multiple sessions throughout the day.

An odor barrier included within the bag helps prevent the escape of gasses or build-up that can be unpleasant to those within the perimeter. The barrier film helps prevent such situations by containing the gasses and not letting it penetrate through the film, offering as much of a pleasant experience as possible.

A lengthy 12-inch pouch offers much capacity than smaller bags which can be used for short periods of time, but if you know you will not have a spare moment to go to the restroom or if you are traveling, or are so caught up that a small bag is going to be such an inconvenience, then without a doubt a larger pouch such as this size will offer the benefits you need; and at the end of the day merely drain out the contents and wash out for reuse.

One-piece systems offer the most convenient way of applying ostomy pouches, they are cheaper than 2-piece systems, however, that does limit its functionality, such as when disposing of a one-piece system, you must remove the pouch entirely. When removing a 2-piece system, you can remove and discard of the pouch and attach a replacement to a skin barrier, wafer, or flange so you won't have to accommodate your stoma, just attach the new pouch.

When purchasing an ostomy pouch, you have must take into consideration the method the pouch is going to use in order to be attached to the skin around the stoma. Most systems use an adhesive backing, a one-piece system connects the pouch directly to your skin, making sure you prep the skin first with a skin prep such as the AllKare Protective Barrier Film Wipes to make a clean contact with the skin. If your skin area is uneven, it can make the connection a bit difficult and not properly forming a full contact can cause leaks, you will need to use a paste such as the Stomahesive Paste by ConvaTec to fill in those gaps and creases to create a smooth connection to the barrier.

A ComfortWear backing on the pouch offers a smooth feeling against your stomach, as your pouch will be in constant contact with your skin it can sometimes cause irritation to the area, this will lead to an uncomfortable use of your ostomy pouch, causing you to grow dislike towards your ostomy bag even more. The Hollister Premier One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouch with Flat FlexWear Barrier offers a smoothly textured backing that feels like clothing, as to not irritate your skin.

You may also be interested in a 2-Piece Ostomy Drainable System, take a look at our 2 piece ostomy options to determine if that may be a better option for you.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Trim to Fit Option
  • Drainable Pouch for Reuse
  • Odor Barrier Film
  • 12 Inches in Length
  • One-Piece System
  • Adhesive Barrier
  • ComfortWear Pouch Panel
  • Latex-Free Material

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Hollister
  • Brand: Premier
  • Product SKU: 8031, 8125, 8131
  • Application: Ostomy Pouch
  • Barrier Style: Trim to Fit
  • Color: Ultra-Clear
  • Drain Type: Drainable
  • Length: 12 Inch Length
  • Stoma Opening Size: Up to 2-1/2 Inch Stoma
  • System Type: One-Piece System
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hollister
Brand Premier

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