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Leander Health Technologies

Leander Health Technologies manufacture chiropractic tables and the associated products that are commonly used in a chiropractic office environment. Leander manufactures distinct table models with various features that facilitate patient care an easier working environment for the medical practitioner. Their tables are highly specialized to provide a better experience for both practitioners and patients alike. Their tables come with such features cervical, pelvic, and thoracic drops for better posture to support back health. The tables can provide continuous passibe motion (CPM) with flexion/distraction.

Leander manufactures CPM adjustment tables knowing that patient experience is the forefront of building awareness and repeat business at a chiropractic practice. Their tables are specifically designed with the patients' comfort in mind as well as be able to make it easy and comfort for the practitioner to his or her job with better ease and less strain.

Leander tables are also designed to improve the everyday posture of the chiropractic physician. A Leander table can help you protect one of your practice's most important assets: your own back health.

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