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Invacare ProBasics Satin Air APM2 Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress

Product Highlights

  • 20 Alternating Cells
  • Low-Friction Nylon Cover
  • Variable Speed Pump
  • Fits Standards Hospital Beds
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35 x 80 x 8 Inch, Probasics SatinAir APM Low Air Loss Mattress - 350 Pound Capacity



35 x 80 x 8 Inch, Probasics SatinAir APM Low Air Loss Mattress - 350 Pound Capacity - Each



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Invacare ProBasics Satin Air APM2 Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress is a alternating pressure therapy mattress that combines low air loss and alternating pressure therapies into one system. Durable and user-friendly, this pressure therapy mattress is specifically designed for pressure ulcer treatment and prevention. Quiet and powerful, this Invacare air mattress features 20 8-inch bladders that allow for deep submersion and excellent pressure redistribution.

Probasics Satin Air APM 2 Mattress is designed with laser air holes to improve circulation while minimizing heat build-up. This keeps the patient cool, dry and comfortable while using this mattress. Equipped with an antimicrobial cover, this air bed mattress is a safe, effective pressure ulcer treatment that is ideal for a wide variety of different types of patients. Designed with premium foam cut into square-shaped cells, the ProBasics SatinAir allows superior patient immersion and pressure redistribution. Audio and visual alarms notify patient and caregiver of low pressure or power outages.

How an Alternating Pressure Mattress Works

The mattress contains multiple cells, or air pockets, that get filled and emptied in an alternating fashion. This pressure change causes the surface to rise and fall, changing the amount of pressure on any given spot on the user. As the pressure drops, blood flow returns to normal. Cells get what they need to repair themselves and maintain their health. In cases where cells have died, blood flow is vital in helping to grow new ones.

How Does Low Air Loss Work?

Tiny holes in the top surface blow air out, which causes the patient to float. The patient experiences less pressure, which helps eliminate the cause of bedsores. The moving air also helps wick away moisture, so the user stays dry, helping it maintain its integrity.

What Comes in the Box

  • One ProBasics SatinAir mattress with connecting hoses
  • One Electronic Air Pump Compressor
  • One Nylon Cover
Alternating Low Pressure Mattress
Invace ProBasics Satin Air Mattress

How Pressure Ulcers (Bed Sores) Form

Blood normally flows to the skin, carrying oxygen and nutrients. But when under pressure, the blood supply gets cut off. Skin cells can survive for a time without getting everything they need. However, when they go for too long without nutrients, they weaken and eventually begin to die.

Pressure arises from many sources, but often is temporary. Problems typically happen from laying in one position in bed for extended periods. The first sign of trouble is often the reddening or discoloration of the affected skin. (Stage 1.)

If not treated, then pitting, or an ulcer can form. Pain or discomfort is typically present during this stage. The sore can look like a scrape or a blister. Sometimes a small crater forms. (Stage 2.)

During Stage 3, the ulcer gets deeper, sometimes exposing a layer of fat. Often there is little, if any, pain because of the damage to the tissues. The risk of infection rises.

Stage 4 ulcers extend into the muscles and can reach the bone. The damage is extensive, and the danger of infection increases.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Low air loss mattress
  • 16 laser air holes keep user cool and dry.
  • 20 8-inch deep air bladders.
  • Treats pressure ulcers in stages I thru IV.
  • Offers alternating pressure therapy.
  • Provides excellent pressure redistribution.
  • Mattress CPR release allows for rapid deflation.
  • Nylon cover
    • Water-resistant.
    • Non-shear for better skin protection.
    • Removable cover for easy cleaning.
    • Antimicrobial cover offers less risk of infection.
    • Quilted design for extra comfort.
    • Non-skid quilted cover keeps mattress from slipping.
  • Air Pump Compressor
    • Adjustable airflow provides custom pressure settings for individual needs.
    • Alternating intervals of 10 minutes for excellent pressure redistribution.
    • Quite operation.
    • Kink resistant tubing.
    • Low pressure alarm.
    ProBasics Satin Air Pump
    Pump for the Satin Air Alternating Mattress

    Product Specifications

    • Product Number: SATINAPM2QC.
    • Width; 35 Inch.
    • Length: 80 Inch.
    • Height: 8 Inch.
    • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
    • Compressor Capacity: 7.5 LPM.
    • Alternating Time Cycle: 10 minute intervals
    • Alarms: Audio and visual
    • Manufacturer: Invacare.
    • Brand: ProBasics SatinAir.
    • HCPCS Code: E0277.
    • HMESA Code: 10-10-09-00
    • ProBasics SatinAir APM Warranty: 18 months limited.

    Notice: For the health and safety of our customers we cannot accept a return on a mattress once it has been used.

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Invacare

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