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Insulet Corporation was founded to improve the lives of people afflicted with Diabetes. The founder of Insulet began researching the best way to treat his son who was diagnosed with a diabetic condition. Looking for a better method than insulin injections, his research examined ways to gain better control of insulin injections with less risk. The search also led to a system that was tubeless and swimming-friendly to allow his son more freedom to participate in enjoyable activities and to live an active lifestyle. After eight years of research, the Insulet Corporation was founded in July 2000 to improve traditional insulin pumps. The OmniPod System was developed to help meet the needs of active diabetic patients. The OmniPod System is a continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy that provides insulin when your body needs it.

Insulet OmniPod Review

The advantages of the Insulet OmniPod Insulin Pump are found in its two different delivery functions—basal insulin delivery and bolus insulin delivery.

  • Basal Insulin provides a small amount of insulin continuously day and night to cover the body’s ‘baseline’ insulin needs.
  • Bolus Insulin provides additional insulin on demand to cover meals or snacks, or to help bring down high blood glucose.

The Insulet OmniPod lets you make immediate adjustments to your insulin intake any time you need to make an adjustment, allowing you to participate in spontaneous events and still maintain good blood glucose control. The OmniPod takes you off of a rigorous schedule of do’s and don’ts. You can skip a meal or eat a snack. You can eat when the rest of the family eats. Insulet Corporation’s OmniPod Insulin Pump allows you insulin therapy on demand rather than suffering the high-low roller coaster often associated with a schedule of regular insulin injections. More freedom, better health and a better life are the advantageous of the Insulet OmniPod Insulin Pump Therapy. Check out Vitality Medical's Omnipod Price!

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