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Trotter Mobility Chair

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Inspired by Drive Trotter Mobility Chair has been newly designed to offer a more dynamic pediatric stroller for children with special needs. The lightweight titanium Trotter chair frame is foldable for ease of use and storage making it easier to maneuver and transport over using bulky wheelchair. Transit Tie-Downs are available for purchase and in compliance with WC-19 which have been crash tested for safety.


Color Options

Trotter Color Options

There is a high degree of versatility found with the Trotter Mobility Chair to make it as comfortable as possible for the child and for the caregiver. It features an adjustable seat depth so the seat can grow with the child. It also adds safety using Adjustable Tension Positioning (ATP) straps with adjustable seat-to-back angles. Trotter uses its Poziform pelvic belt and five-point harness with built-in padding that's breathable for comfort and support. The harness offers padding that's breathable to ensure both comfort and safety. The upholstery is also padded which is an upgrade from its first prototype. The new generation Trotter stroller upholstery is available in three vibrant and playful colors: Fire Truck Red, Jet Fighter Blue and Punch Buggy Pink.



Seat Adjustment Matrix


Standard features of the Trotter Pediatric Mobility Chair include 8-inch front casters and 10-inch rear wheels with toggle lock when in stationary mode. A foot pedal is added to the rear wheel to assist with mobility over curbs. Optional accessories are available for convenience such as canopy, under-seat storage carrier. There are additional head and lateral supports available when a child requires more care.

When a child with physical disabilities is learning to walk, Inspired by Drive also manufactures the Moxie GT Gait Trainer to safely assist a child or adult.


Trotter Mobility Chair Specialty Stroller Features

Product Features
  1. Wheel Locks
  2. Rear Wheels
  3. Front Wheels
  4. Folding Mechanism
  5. Push Handle
  6. Bus Transit Tie Downs (optional)
  7. Footrest
  8. Five-points “H” Harness with Padded Covers & Pelvic Belt
  9. Closure Strap


Trotter Mobility Chair Features and Benefits

  • Capsule Design is Less Painful During Insertion
  • Passed Crash Testing for Transit w/ Optional Tie-Downs
  • Lightweight Titanium Frame
  • Foldable for Easy Storage
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Adjustable Back Angles
  • Easy Curbside Navigation with Foot Pedal on Wheel
  • Improved Posture and Positioning with Pelvic and Trunk Belt and Supports

Products Specification Highlights

  • Product Numbers: TR-1200, TR-1400, TR-1600, and TR-1800
  • Width Options: 12, 14, 16, and 18 Inch
  • Height: 24 Inch
  • Weight: 33-36 lbs, depending upon model (see chart)
  • Weight Capacity: 75 to 250 lbs, depending upon model (see chart)
  • Seat Angle: 20°
  • Seat-to-Back-Angle: 80 to 95°
  • Color Options: Fire Truck Red, Jet Fighter Blue, and Punch Buggy Pink
  • Frame Material: Titanium
  • HCPCS Code: E1236
  • Manufacturer: Drive Medical
  • Brand: Trotter




Trotter Headrest Extension



Headrest Extension

The Trotter Mobility Chair Headrest Extension offers additional support for back height. It also provides for additional safety while in transport. Special Order Item SKU Numbers TR-A1201-FR/JB/PP / TR-A1401-FR/JB/PP / TR-A1601-FR/JB/PP / TR-A1801-FR/JB/PP - call 800-397-5899.



Angle Adjustable Footplates


Angle Adjustable Footplates

Angle Adjustable Footplates offer customized foot positioning. This accessory aides to improve sitting posture. SKU Numbers TR-A7100S / TR-A7100L.






Anti-Tippers attach to the Trotter Mobility Chairs frame at the rear wheels and offer increased stability. The Anti-Tippers keep this advanced stroller from accidentally tipping backward. SKU Number TR-A7200.





Contoured Headwings

These Headwings attach to the seatback. The contoured design provides comfort for the user and lateral head support. It also offers head positioning for users that have difficulty holding their heads up. SKU Number TR-A8022.



Trotter Storage Bag


Medical Necessity Storage Bag

The Trotter Medical Necessity Storage Bag offers a handy repository space to keep medical items for quick access for the user. The bag is zippered to offer discreet storage. It also provides space for non-essential items. Special Order Item SKU Number TR 8023 - call 800-397-5899.



Upper Extremity Support


Upper Extremity Support

The Upper Extremity Support is a handy tray that attaches to the arm supports to provide a platform to support the user, support feeding, and offer interactive play. This tray offers many utilities for the user as well as the caregiver. SKU Number TR 8024.



Poziform Full Torso Vest


Poziform Full Torso Vest

The Poziform Full Torso Vest provides support for the user, enabling the user to maintain proper posture and body alignment. The vest is padded for comfort and comes with adjustable straps to adapt to individual needs. SKU Number TR 8025.



Transit Tie Downs

Bus Transit Tie Downs

Bus Transit Tie Downs attach to the frame of this advanced stroller. These four tie-down brackets aid in securing this safety stroller to a vehicle for transport. SKU Number TR 8029



Lateral Support and Scoli Strap



Poziform Lateral Support and Scoli Strap

The Poziform Lateral Support and Scoli Strap offers lateral support for the user's torso. It attaches to the frame and secures the user with an adjustable strap. SKU Number TR-A8027.



Trotter Ankle Positioner


Ankle Positioners

Ankle Positioners have an adjustable strap that fits around the users ankle and secures the ankle to the frame. It keeps the ankles in position to prevent entanglement with the wheels, the ground, floor surface. Made with Nylon Poziform, these positioners are durable. SKU Numbers PAP-100S / PAP-100M / PAP-100L / PAP-100XL / PAP-200S / PAP-200M / PAP-200L / PAP-200XL.



Trotter Calf Panel


Calf Panel

Made with soft padded nylon, the Calf Panel stretches across the frame near the user's legs to offer a resting support. This panel bolsters the users legs to reduce stress. Special Order Item SKU Numbers PCP-280S / PCP-280M / PCP-280L - call 800-397-5899.



Buckle Guard

Buckle Guard

The Buckle Guard works similar to a seat belt with shoulder straps. It offers a five-point harness attachment for both shoulders, both hips, and the crotch. This system provides a secure method to safely keep the user positioned in the stroller. The buckle has a plastic cover to keep the user from accidentally activating the release button that disengages the harness. Special Order Item SKU Number WCZ-A2095 - call 800-397-5899.



Product Videos


Trotter Review Video (1:54 minutes)


Additional Information

Additional Information

Trotter Specifications

Base Width:12 Inch Width14 Inch Width16 Inch Width18 Inch Width
Weight Capacity75 lbs100 lbs170 lbs250 lbs
Seat Depth9 - 13 Inches10 - 14 Inches11 - 15 Inches12 - 16 Inches
Seat to Back Angle80 - 95 Degrees80 - 95 Degrees80 - 95 Degrees80 - 95 Degrees
Seat Angle20 Degrees20 Degrees20 Degrees20 Degrees
Seat to Footplate Height (Leg Length)4 - 20 Inches4 - 20 Inches4 - 20 Inches4 - 20 Inches
Seat to Floor Height at 90 Degrees (Rear/Front)19/22 Inch19/22 Inch19/22 Inch19/22 Inch
Back Height24 Inches24 Inches24 Inches24 Inches
Push Handle Height41.5 Inches41.5 Inches41.5 Inches41.5 Inches
Folded Height16 Inches16.5 Inches17 Inches17..5 Inches
Overall Folded Length45 Inches45 Inches45 Inches45 Inches
Overall Width (Outside Rear Wheels)20.5 Inches22.5 Inches24.5 Inches26.5 Inches
Product Weight33 lbs.34 lbs.35 lbs.36 lbs.
HCPCS CodeE1236E1236E1236E1236
Footplate Angle-15 to +10 Degrees-15 to +10 Degrees-15 to +10 Degrees-15 to +10 Degrees
Tilt-in-Space30 Degrees Supine/10 Degrees Prone30 Degrees Supine/10 Degrees Prone30 Degrees Supine/10 Degrees Prone30 Degrees Supine/10 Degrees Prone

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